Visuals: J. Cole – ATM

Although the video is still spankin’ brand new, I chose this video because not only is it a fun video to watch, but it also depicts clearly what money can do to a person. Although I am still trying to figure out if the protagonist of the video is J. Cole, himself or his alter ego kiLL edward, there is a scene where Cole is trapped in a leather straitjacket while sitting in a room made of dollars. In other scenes, he plays a used car dealer, a casino dealer and apparently himself with a female accomplice.

It can also be seen as a freaky representation of what people would do for the love of money. J. Cole is seen chasing a dollar bill from the very beginning of the video only to die before capturing it. The dollar then lands on J. Cole’s seemingly dead body to signify that chasing money caused his untimely demise. The video directed partially by J. Cole himself.

RELEASED: April 20, 2018