Kanye West: Troll King Or Fallen King


It has been almost a month since Kanye West re-appeared back on Twitter after a year away from the social media website. Since his return, Kanye has revealed album release dates, a philosophy book in the works, new YEEZY ideas (clothes, shoes, etc), the firing of lawyers and his manager, potential album cover arts and so much more. Every day, we wonder just what it is Kanye is going to share with us that day. However, on one fateful day in April, Kanye shattered the expectations we once held him up to. An announcement of what appeared to be himself supporting current US president 45. Two tweets that broke the internet. Literally.

As someone who proclaims themselves as a Kanye West stan, I was flabbergasted. I mean, how could someone who released songs such as, “Blood on the leaves”, “Black Skinhead”, “New Slaves”, etc come online and proudly broadcast 45 in a manner of brotherhood? From the beginning, I believed that this was his effort of keeping his name in the media. I believed that Kanye has this fascination over being associated with sitting presidents (George W. Bush, Barack Obama) and this was his attempt to associate himself with 45. It is hard to know whether or not this is factual because with Kanye West, you just never know what to expect.


Kanye likes to flex his power of swaying the masses and influencing people’s way of thinking. During one of his two interviews on The Breakfast Club, Kanye spoke about his disappointment with Bernard Arnault not wanting to meet him for a meeting:

“Bernard Arnault, the head of Louis Vuitton said He didn’t understand why he needed to take a meeting with me. Okay, you don’t understand why you need to take a meeting with Kanye West? I’ma show you why you need to take a meeting with Kanye West. ‘EVERYBODY IN ATLANTA RIGHT NOW AT THE LOUIS VUITTON STORE, IF YOU’RE BLACK DON’T GO TO LOUIS VUITTON TODAY!’ That’s why you need to take a meeting with Kanye West, Bernard Arnault.”

Kanye continues to talk about him losing a deal in 2012 with François Pinault, the lack of black designers and how (at the time) there were only seven black billionaires.

“When François Pinault offered me a deal last year, and then he took it away and he signed Alexander Wang to Balenciaga and then he (inaudible) Christopher Kane and I think he did something else like that, I love Alexander Wang, I love Christopher Kane, But that has only happened one other time in history and that’s when Jordan was a third draft pick. It’s only happened one time. My influence– I don’t see people lining up in the stores. Anything I drop people are lining up. And it ain’t one black designer that makes a suit jacket. It ain’t one black designer that makes shoes, except for Jason Mayden from brand Jordan, he just left. We don’t got it like that. When I tell you that there are only 7 black billionaires, look at that marginalization.”

But it was this quote that I came back to that made me think of what the real motives of Kanye befriending 45 could really be all about.

“And we feel like we’re happy because me and Rick Ross got a Maybach, or I got an (inaudible) outside or a couple of us or they put a black president [in office]. Man, let me tell you something about George Bush and Oil money and [Barack] Obama and no money. People want to say ‘Obama can’t make these moves’ or ‘he’s not executing’ and that’s cause he ain’t got those connections. Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people. Black people don’t have the same connections as oil people. You know we don’t know nobody that got a nice house. You know we don’t know nobody that got paper like that, that we could go to when we’re down. You know that can just put us back or put us in a corporation. You know we ain’t in a situation– can you guarantee that your daughter could get a job at this radio station? But if you owned this radio station you could guarantee that. That’s what I’m talking about.”

There are many things that people can say about Kanye West, but being dumb isn’t one of them. There is always a motive, some plan of action with every move that Kanye makes. It has always been clear that ‘Money, Power, and Respect’ is a motto that Kanye lives by and holds dear to him. In February of 2016, Kanye tweeted in a barrage of other tweets that he was $53 million dollars in personal debt. Personal debt is a debt owed for which you personally are legally responsible. Which does not determine if his businesses ever were in debt, but he was legally responsible for repaying this amount. It was at this time Kanye requested a $1 Billion dollar investment from Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Now it may be hard to believe that Kanye was rich but still broke. But that’s exactly what the matter was all about. Kanye spend a lot of his money on ideas that we may or may not ever see to fruition, a mistake that he later realizes when he tweeted a few days later, “Also for anyone that has money they know the first rule is to use other people’s money.


By December of 2016, Kanye was visiting then-presidential candidate 45 at Trump Towers in New York City. Weeks after his hospitalization, Kanye’s controversial move cause people to think and wonder what was he up to, and why was he dealing with Trump, of all people? Kanye explained his actions (or at least what he wanted us to know) on Twitter. “I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues. These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago. I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.” Kanye never went into further details about what was spoken about during their meeting, but once the meeting was over and they conducted a mini photo-op in the lobby. Trump shared that Kanye is “a good man.” He stated that “We’ve been friends for a long time,” and that the two had spoken about “life.”

There are many theories that people can come up with when it comes down to the matter of the relationship between Kanye and 45. Most people may feel that Kanye is a lost soul, gone since the passing of his mother and has somehow found himself deep-down in the sunken place. I, myself think there is so much more than meet the eye. Kanye West has proven time and time again, that he knows how to get people to talk about him. He knows how to manipulate the media to talk about the things HE wants them to talk about. Almost every day since announcing his “friendship” with 45, Kanye has been trending on social media websites and headlining in news. This is what he is good at, this is what he has always done. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kanye has found a way to make 45 his cash cow, I mean Kanye did say “Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people. Black people don’t have the same connections as oil people.” What if he found his connection? What if Kanye has found a permanent fix to his financial issues? I don’t know. I am not saying that any of this is the truth, but I bet you now have a different perspective of this “MAGA Brotherly love” that Ye is shoving down our throats. Let’s face it, it would of good if the user got used, wouldn’t it?Sometimes, you have to do something you hate for the better good. Sometimes you have to dance with the devil to get out of hell.