Childish Gambino Shows The Real America With New Music Video

On Saturday (May 5), during his appearance on Saturday Night Live, Donald Glover premiered his latest video, “This is America” on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Although Glover’s highly anticipated album doesn’t yet have a name, his new video “This Is America,” gives us an idea of what exactly it is that he wants to talk to us about, musically. Glover opens the dialogue of Gun Violence and police brutality in America with interpretative dances and memorable visuals of Americans (Black Americans) being gunned down. This is AMERICA.


Throughout the video, Glover is seen referencing a number of bullet points, involving white supremacy and gun violence. References to the Black Lives Matter movement can also be seen throughout the music visual. Glover acts out a depiction of Jim Crow at the beginning of the video while shooting a blindfolded man from behind. Directed by Hiro Murai, One of Glover’s close collaborators, the video harness the same controversial undertone that is seen in the FX’s hit “Atlanta”. The video also features a cameo from R & B singer SZA, and the track features backing vocals by a Young Thug, 21 Savage, Migos‘ Quavo as well as Rae Sremmurd’s Slxm Jimmy and BlocBoy JB.

Hypebeast recently spoke with Murai about the process of making the now-classic music video.

In the case of like Childish Gambino, he is someone who is a writer by trade, so he is very meticulous about how he writes his ideas,” he said. “I don’t do this with a lot of artists but he would give me a treatment that he wants to do and I’ll go off that, then I’ll give him feedback and pitch him my ideas. But with Childish, it feels more like a two-way conversation.