Missing The “Old Kanye” At The ‘The Life Of Pablo Exhibit’


April was a long month for most Hip-Hop lovers after Kanye made his grand appearance back on the social media website, Twitter. It was a welcoming surprise to have him and his infamous tweets back because let’s face it, no one else can tweet like him. However, it was after his now-most controversial moment of praising the current president, wearing a “Maga; Make America Great Again!” hat and TMZ Live’s “Slavery was a choice” comments that have seemingly shunned the rapper/fashion designer. Making Kanye the ‘crazy uncle’ that you can’t take anywhere.

But on April 28, it wasn’t about his comments, his “free-thinking” theories, his dragon energy brotherhood or even his nonchalant attitude towards being in the ‘sunken place’. It was about the artists who used their talent to create amazing artwork in honor of someone who seems to be gone forever. Coordinated and curated by Brianni Taylor, the ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Exhibit showcased up-and-coming artists’ interpretation of who and what Kanye West represents as a fellow artist and as a man. Of course, there was a bit of a solemn mood as we tried to celebrate the man that we once knew. The TLOP Exhibit is an interactive exhibit inspired by Kanye’s 2008 ‘Glow In The Dark’ Tour. The glow-in-the-dark themed event was first held in Los Angeles in 2017 and heavily praised by Kanye West Fan clubs, including KanyeToThe and TeamKanyeDaily.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the beautiful Kanye inspired paintings and graphic designs by the up-and-coming artists. Days before the event, Founder Brianni released a heartfelt letter to the attendees of the event about the discontinuing of any Kanye-themed events. After his comments concerning President 45, Brianni revealed that Brianni T. Presents agreed or support any of  Kanye’s beliefs as it pertains to politics. She also explained that despite it being inspired by West, he nor his team benefits from the event and instead it was to highlight the artists whose work was showcased than Kanye himself. It was in this letter that Taylor revealed that this was going to be her final ‘TLOP Exhibit’ that she will be covering.

“Let’s look at The Life Of Pablo Exhibit NYC as saying goodbye to the old Kanye West, as this will be the last TLOP Exhibit Brianni T. Presents will be curating. I want to thank you all so much for your understanding and support, we could not do this without you! I look forward to creating more events that will push the culture forward and aligning with the values that many of us have.”

With drinks flowing, music playing and a memorial for the “old Kanye”, the very last TLOP Exhibit was memorable. It’s sad that this was the final date of its kind, but I enjoyed being a Kanye fan even at that very moment.