Muse Of The Week: Jamie Baratta

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” – Melinda Gates 

When it comes down to me choosing a muse for the week, I usually think of powerful and artistic women who have contributed to their community and to the world. Women who have played a role in the improvement of equality between men and women, the betterment of women’s rights, and the overall bridging the gap between women of all age, race, and background. So choosing Jamie as my muse of the week was quite easy because she is that woman.


As an entertainment and fashion attorney residing in Los Angeles, CA, Baratta has proven herself to be a woman with the mindset, the self-belief system and fearlessness to step up to the plate in a male-dominated profession. Alongside from being a beautiful woman, Baratta is also very educated and well-versed with a B.A. in cultural anthropology and Africana studies. It was upon graduating from New York University, that she took life by the horns and decided to pursue law. After three years, Baratta earned her J.D. (The Juris Doctor degree) from Loyola Law School and soon after became an associate attorney at a notable entertainment law firm.

One of the things that I personally find most inspiring about Baratta is how openly uplifting and supporting she is of her friends. In a society where women are often put against each other by women (and men), it is refreshing to see women of power supporting other women of power and status. By drawing from the support of other women, we can collectively harness the energy of unity to feel less alone. Personally, it is hard to pursue a career in music journalism and not get along with the other women in the field. I find that it is sometimes hard to open up and share my struggles of pursuing my dreams without dealing with the constant “competitive” shtick.

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When Baratta isn’t saving those in the industry from finding themselves in tough legal situations, she is leading the next women equality movement at The IV Wave, which she co-founded with writer/actress and friend, Mirtha Michelle. The fourth wave “a human rights movement advocating for women’s equality,” is a revival of the interest of feminism with the use of social media. Defined by technology, the fourth-wave feminism is best represented by the Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and other social media sites and blogs. Baratta and Michelle created The IV Wave to aim towards the idea to “inspire, inform, empower, and celebrate the Woman of Today by bringing to light topics that affect women universally.” With conversations about Love & Relationships, Sex, Careers, self-care and more, from their podcast (iTunes and SoundCloud), you can sense the ingenuity of these two powerful women sharing the experiences of their owns to show women that the ‘mean girl’ image is a thing of the past.

“We are in a time of renaissance, where anything is possible.” – Jamie Baratta

Behind every successful woman is her tribe of sisters, women who are using what would normally be seen as competitive energy to empower, to inspire, and to motivate. There is no doubt in my mind, that if a woman set her mind to achieving something or obtaining something, she can (and will) have it. We must remind ourselves that achieving all does not mean to achieve more than the next woman. Again, choosing Baratta as my muse of the week was easy because of her genuineness for the betterment of women. It is rather admirable if you ask me. Baratta is proof that with integrity, poise and hard work, we can accomplish so much for ourselves, for other women and the world.