4 Black Travel Podcasts To Listen To Before Your Summer Vacation

When we think of summer vacations we think of visiting warm climate cities or countries with locals welcoming us with open arms. However when it comes down to traveling there are always the mishaps of Long flights, airport delays, long layovers and post-trip withdrawal that makes traveling a little less fun.

While we continue to be inspired to travel, we also want to learn about the different countries laws and requirements before we start to book flights. These travelers and bloggers are exploring the world, inspiring and encouraging their listeners everywhere to pack their bags and go exploring too. From discovering where to travel, what to do while you are there and staying up-to-date on travel news, here are four outstanding black podcasts worth a listen.


On She Goes Podcast:

The ‘On She Goes‘ Podcast is a “podcast created to help women of color feel more comfortable with traveling“. From talks about everything from challenges of exploring with natural hair to overcoming the fear of flying, the hosts of ‘On she goes‘ shares all the experiences and tips to make your trip smooth and easy. The podcast ‘helps women of color travel more confidently, more adventurously, and more often.

You can hear the ‘On She Goes‘ Podcast (HERE)


Black Travel with Cherie B:

The ‘Black Travel with Cherie B‘ podcast is the perfect ‘all things black travel and expat living‘ platform. A fairly new podcast (February 2018), Cherie B shares tips and her experiences and the experiences of her guests on travel news, crazy stories and more. In one episode, Cherie B talked to two Afro-Latinas travelers about cultural identity and media representation. In the same episode, she spoke with American expat Joel Randell, who moved to Barbados after Trump’s election.

You can listen to ‘Black Travel with Cherie B’ Podcast (HERE)


Afropop Worldwide:

Afropop Worldwide is a weekly radio series that will school you on how African sounds have influenced music all over the world. After you learn about the Nollywood soundtracks are made in Nigeria, you will also learn about the hip-hop scene in Lebanon, and explore the sounds of Afro-Venezuela. “Afropop Worldwide is a Peabody award-winning radio program and online magazine dedicated to music from Africa and the African diaspora.”

You can listen to the Afropop Worldwide (HERE)


Soul Society 101:

The ‘Soul Society 101″ is a “podcast that explores travel, pop culture, and all things black.” Featuring interviews with entrepreneurs and travel experts, Soul Society gives its listeners tips on making the best of a trip abroad. Soul Society 101 is fit for young black professionals and creatives who are interested in learning about the food & Culture of the countries they are visiting.

You can listen to the Soul Society 101 Podcast (HERE)