A$AP Rocky’s Performance Art ‘Lab Rat’ Goes Live

Last night (May 20), worldwide broker and auction house Sotheby’s hosted A$AP Rocky’s Lab Rat live performance art piece. The event was streamed live on A$AP Rocky’s official youtube channel and ran for over 2 hours.

The stream shows A$AP Rocky inside a glass box dressed in a red hazard suit, assisted by laboratory workers. Members of A$AP Mob were presented, also dressed in hazard suits. A theme that has been sported around Rocky’s upcoming album, Testing.

Over the course of an hour and a half hour, the Harlem rapper performed a series of tasks, including answering questions, eating hot peppers, and speaking on many things including the challenges of recording new music. The performance ended with more information about Testing, before he unveiled the cover art for the new album and revealing that album is complete and ready to be released.

I take proper precautions,” Rocky told Peter Rosenberg on Open Late in back in April. “When testing this whole album, it’s, like, about perfect timing. Everything has to be aligned correctly. One little thing, one little mishap, one little imperfection could throw off a whole cycle. I would prefer to put out music to change people’s moods or uplift or get a feeling or a reaction as opposed to just making music to stay relevant for the sake of popularity.”