FIT x Complex Offers Classes On ‘Sneaker Essentials’


Whether you are a ‘Sneakerhead‘, a ‘Sole Collector‘ or just someone who enjoys the anatomy of sneakers, New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology has a new program just for you.

Courtesy of thisissneakerschoolT’s Instagram

The ‘Sneaker essential’ program includes 6 5-hour courses, broken into several shorter series that you complete at your own pace. Among graduation, you will receive a non-credit Certificate of Achievement from FIT. During the first course, You will learn the basics about the culture of sneakers. Not only will you explore how to differentiate sneakers from their performance levels to fashion, self-expression – and the evolution of sneaker culture. As you graduate to courses two and three, You will gain knowledge on “design considerations including the design brief, color, materials, parts and lasts, sketching and drafting, tech packs, and prototyping“. With understanding the process of designing a sneaker, you will then gain experience by visiting the inside of a factory to “see how sneakers are made and learn about key steps like pattern making, upper assembly, outsole application, and production.

During the second half of the program, you will learn the ways to market sneakers, the way around trade shows, traditional and non-traditional retail, and more. Students will learn the ropes on creating a brand story, marketing tactics, digital apps, and web marketing in course five, and experts from Complex will teach students the history of sneaker media, social and video strategy, and how to create your own media during the final course.

The program will consist of both FIT professors and Complex experts including, Sarah Mullins (Accessories Design Chair FIT), Joe La Puma (Host of Sneaker Shopping, SVP Content Strategy Complex Media), Jeron Smith (Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen Curry 30 inc.), Nick Depaula (Feature writer at ESPN and Creative Director of Nice Kicks), Gregg Woodcock (Adjunct Instructor, Accessories Design FIT) and more.

For more information about enrollment, Course descriptions, and a list of all of the instructors of the program, you can visit and follow the program’s official Instagram account at @thisissneakerschool.