#Wanderlust: 3 Tips To Managing Your Travel Anxiety


As the season to travel slowly approaches us, packing routines, traveling arraignments, and reservations are sure ways to fire up your anxiety. Travel anxiety is actually quite common, and although many people are afraid of traveling, some people may not realize just how their fears can make it much harder to travel.

Being in new and strange environments, away from the safety and comfort of your home can make you feel insecure and anxious. Additionally, you may be embarrassed about other travelers witnessing your anxiety and fear. Travel anxiety can be manageable with these cognitive techniques and tips.

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Here are three quick tips to help overcome travel anxiety:


Fly with a Traveling Partner:

Traveling with a travel companion will not only make a difference with your anxiety but also provide a feeling of security and safety. Your travel partner can offer motivation and support, with conversations, games and more. They can help you navigate between security lines, terminals, and boarding the plane. Before boarding the plane, express to your travel partner your fears and anxiety so they can be prepared. Share with them any preferences that you may have including; holding hands, talking about your favorite experiences, etc.


Use Breathing techniques and Affirmations:

It is common to focus more on the symptoms of your anxiety while you are traveling. But one way to manage those symptoms is to put your focus elsewhere. Instead of concentrating on the tensions that are rising in your body, try to bring your attention to other distractions. You can do so by bringing a book, your favorite magazines or games. You can also draw attention away from your anxiety by turning your negative thoughts into happier and merrier thoughts. By using affirmations to center yourself with calming thoughts, You will slowly bring down the building tension that you are feeling. You can try such affirmations as; “I am safe”, “I am Okay” and “These feelings will pass.” Another way you can help manage your stress levels are breathing techniques. You can start your breathing exercises by bringing attention to your breath.  By breathing slowly and purposefully, you will become focused on your breath and less on the symptoms. Once your breath has become steady, you will relax your body.


Distract Your Anxiety with a Preppy, Upbeat Playlist:

When it comes to coping and managing with anxiety, music can be one of your greatest tools. By plugging in your headphones and pressing play on one of your favorite songs, it doesn’t take long before the beat and lyrics wash away any stressful thoughts and tension. If you’ve ever listened to music and were moved to tears then you already know how much music can have an impact on your emotions. Music can (and often does) provide comfort during difficult times and promote relaxation. By creating a travel playlist of soothing and comforting music, you can rest assure that your anxiety will be slim to none.