Nailed it: 5 Nail Artists You Should Know


Gettin’ your nails done has become an anthem for everything woman.

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Whether you are going for a simple single colored manicure or Stiletto nails with studs and chains, nail artists have become accustomed to creating the look requested. The techniques of nail art are associated with the art of painting various types of patterns and designs on the nails.

The different nail art techniques include painting, taping, sponging, digital nails and drawing with brushes. In the last couple of years, it has gained a lot of popularity and has forced Nail artists to UP their nail game.


Here are five nail artists who are ahead of their game:


Ashley Crowe noted as Chicago’s most-regrammed nail artist is Astrowifey. The Nail Artist, who, since 2008, (painted the nails of Pop Star Lady Gaga, Singer/Actress Zoë Kravitz and fashion guru Ikram Goldman) has changed the nails of Chicago locals into walking masterpieces with incredibly detailed, original style and designs. Crowe has had her nail artwork published in Nylon Magazine as one of the top nail blogs, Chicago’s most mandatory nail artist to follow in Refinery29 and featured in the documentary “Nailgasm”.

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Dubbed the Celebrity Manicurist, Mar y Sol Inzerillo, of Cuban and Salvadoran descent, has gone from being a receptionist in a Miami salon to the manicurist of big names in Hollywood including Oprah, Serena Williams, and Gigi Hadid. Inzerillo is the first manicurist to launch a nail product for CoverGirl and a HUGE fan of the late Selena Quintanilla. “I’m always smiling and wearing lipstick. That also gives me that Latin vibe.” Inzerillo’s work can be seen in Harper Bazaar, CR Fashion Magazine, Elle, Vogue and many more.

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Britney Toyko:

Britney Toyko, a former actress and TV personality from Japan has taken Hollywood by storm by creating some of the most inventive designs including the Kimoji nails with Kim Kardashian to a flashy set of nails that FKA Twigs flaunted at Coachella. Leaving Japan for America over 10 years ago, determined to become the best nail artist in the world. She has since accomplished this goal as she is now doing nails for red carpet events and fashion campaigns.

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Chelsea King:

Chelsea King, a Los Angeles based nail artist, creates nail designs that draw celebrities from all over to her. Celebrities from singer Ciara, to ‘Game of Thrones’ star Gwendoline Christie, Ashley Tisdale, and even Chloe G. Moretz are all loyal fans of King’s original work. Two years ago, Revlon is partnered with social media influencer, serving as the brand’s first-ever Revlon Nail Expert. King’s work has seen in a number of publications including, Harper Bazaar, Vogue Italia, Parents and more.

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Jenny Bui:

If you don’t know who Jenny Bui is, you will at least know who one of her biggest clients is. “I’m the Queen of Bling,” declares the 49-year-old mother of five. Bui, who has been in the nail game for 21 years, owns two spas — one in Harlem and one in the Bronx. “I was born in Cambodia and lived there until I was 8 with my parents and eight brothers and sisters. Until I was 5 years old, life was good.” Bui explains that to give Cardi her signature long, pointed acrylic nails she paints on her “secret nail gel,” which holds together mounds of Swarovski crystals, gems, and jewels that she gets from special vendors. Cardi’s manicures are often covered with the estimate of 500 crystals glued on so one manicure can take up to two hours. Bui says the nail art lasts up to a month.

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