Visuals: Sudan Archives – Nont for Sale


Sudan Archives is the Cincinnati-born artist who is taking the world by storm with her mixture of West African traditional and Los Angeles contemporary style of fashion. With her interest and love for traditional Ghanaian garments and abstract expressionism, the 24-year-old violinist gives life to her Afrophile roots to her music videos.

In her latest music video “Nont For Sale,” co-directed with Ross Harris and creative director Leonardo Volcy, Sudan Archives creates a visual of the modern-day ‘Black Girl Magic‘ with imagery of black women in West African prints getting their hair done. Bukunmi Grace, the style director of the video explained to Vogue magazine clothing chosen for the video “was an amalgamation of her [Sudan Archives] origins, personality, and inspirations. I wanted elements that showcased that she’s an Afrophile but also highlighted her Midwest ’90s roots.

Sudan Archives recently released her second EP, Sink, in May. The 6-track EP showcases her skills of compiling violin strings with a minimalism of R&B and subtle rap.