#ProjectWyoming: Kanye West Brings Wyoming To Brooklyn And Here’s How It Went Down

So last night (June 7), Kanye West by the way of YesJulz brought to New York the full Wyoming experience and it was awesome! Last month, Kanye premiered his latest album, simply named “Ye” in Jackson Hole, Wyoming surrounded by family, friends, and entertainment big names. And it came as no surprise that he would showcase his album in the most elaborate way, with a live stream for the world to see. But for those (like myself) who didn’t get the chance to go to the listening party, Kanye may it possible for his fans to experience it firsthand by creating #ProjectWyoming, A Kanye West production for Miami, Chicago, and Brooklyn. DSC_0098 So covering the event for the good folks of 1AMCreative was an honor and I was highly grateful for it because let’s be honest those tickets were hard to get. Described as a “merch pop up bonfires” by YesJulz, that is exactly what we got.

Bonfires, s’mores, G.O.O.D Music and a long line of merch buyers. After the controversial comments from Kanye concerning Slavery and President 45, it became clear to me that a lot of people are still very supportive of him. His music brought together over 500 people in attendance to not only buy his “Wyoming” merchandises but to also sing and “mosh-pit” with other Kanye West fans. It is hard to ignore that people like to “cancel” those who speak or think differently from them, but in the end isn’t that what the world is all about? The difference of opinions?

After the event, the fans all rushed home to log into the WAV_Media app to watch the live stream of the premiere of Kids See Ghosts, the collaborative album of Kanye and Kid Cudi. Of course, that review will be up shortly so definitely look out for that.


No, Kanye wasn’t there, but we didn’t need him to be. His spirit reached all the way to New York last night and touched every single one of us. We got to listen to his latest album with like-minded fans and that’s what made the event even more magical. I want to thank Kanye for bringing his fans together in the love of music. We don’t show our gratitude to him very often and that is a terrible thing. We must appreciate our artists while they are here with us. I also want to thank my good friend Vontay from 1AMCreative and Julz, herself for the opportunity to cover the event on their behalf.