Up-And-Coming Artist: Cedric Brazle

R&B singer Cedric Brazle is more than a smooth voice and a cute face. The 25-year-old Jacksonville, Florida native recently released his latest single, “Till The Mornin”. The 4-min track drips soulful vibes with melodious and sultry vocals. Brazle forges his own lane for success with his contemporary approach of R&B.

Describing the track as “inspired by purely making love,” Brazle reveals that he wanted to fill the void missing in music today. “My new single “Til The Mornin” is produced by a great friend of mine, name Twitch Massacre. I heard the beat from a session we were doing for another song and had to have it. We wanted to fill a void we felt was missing from music today that derived from 90s R&B, which I think of as the peak of R&B, in which they really focused on love in all aspects.” He credits the song as being “90s R&B” and shared that he “wanted to make a song that people could relate to and enjoy sonically.”

Brazle, born in the early 90’s, gravitated to music from Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Usher, Beyoncé and Brandy growing up. Crediting these singers as influences to his current sound, Brazle wrote his first song at the tender age of 5. “I was about 5 or 6 [years old] and my family still reminds me,” He started. “it’s called “When I Was First Born”, it was a song about my purpose here on Earth and all the things God showed me and told me before he sent me here to work.” Growing up in the South, Brazle shared that he also listened to a lot of Hip-Hop music as a youngster. “I grew up listening to T.I., Ludacris, T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne was on heavy rotation, Drake, and J. Cole and so many more.

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I caught up with Cedric and asked him about dream collaborations, plans for the future and what advice he has for musicians looking to get into the game.

MA: What is your writing process?

CB: With Til The Mornin’ it actually started with my manager and I vibing in the car to one of Twitch’s beat. It was a vibe that just came naturally and ideas grew from there. I love writing with my team. But in most cases, a lot of my writing process starts alone so that I could come up with the base idea and message of the song. Usually, I’m near a body of water, in a car, or somewhere really secluded. And then when I finish I bring it to my team to get their feedback, mostly to see if my message was conveyed the way I intended it to be.

MA: When did you know that music is something that you wanted to do?

CB: Music has always been apart of my life, so I can safely say this is something I’ve always wanted to do. But, it wasn’t until high school when I joined an alternative rock/R&B/hip-hop band that I considered being an artist. I dived in, even more, when I went to college and truly found a sound that I fell in love with for myself and I found a team that believed in me.

MA: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper/singer or producer?

CB: Great question! I’m going to answer for each because I can’t just choose one solely from each category.

If I could collaborate with any rapper, I would collaborate with Drake. A singer I would love to collaborate with someone from new age R&B, I would say Normani, H.E.R., Kehlani or Sza. Lastly, a producer I would love to work with would be Timbaland, Rick Rubin, and Pharrell just to name a few.

 MA: What do you want the readers to know about you?

CB: I want readers to know that I’m determined to leave my mark on the industry and in music. I truly feel my purpose is to be a vessel: to take people away from their reality so they can have someone they can relate to and know they aren’t in this thing called life alone. I truly believe music has the power to do all of that, which is why I believe this is my life’s purpose.

 MA: How do you feel about R&B scene today?

CB: I think there is a lot of great talent in the industry today. It’s starting to remind me of the 90s where you can have a load of different artists in the same genre. People are allowed to support as many as they choose because there’s enough to go around.

MA: What plans do you have for 2018, musically?  

CB: In 2018, I plan on releasing my first EP. I’m currently working on it and have been working on it for a while. Been experimenting with a few sounds to make sure it’s the right for me and that it fully portrays my artistry. But I’m definitely excited for people to hear it. Looking forward to giving people a clear view of who I am.

MA: What advice would you give to a young musician that wants to get into the game?

CB: My biggest advice would be to never give up and never allow other people to place their personal fears and expectations upon you.  Sometimes, people may not know it but they put all their deep-rooted fear onto your dream and try to stop you from pushing harder, but as long as you keep God first, work hard, study your craft and never stop, you’ll be all right.

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