Pharrell Williams Talks Family, DIDDY, G-Star Raw and Adidas In New Interview With Vogue Italia


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In a recent interview with Vogue Italia, Pharrell Williams recently sat down with Brigitte Lacombe and talked about juggling work with four children, producing Hidden Figures and Roxanne, Roxanne and Chanel. Styled by Michael Philouze, while Brigitte Lacombe handled the actual photoshoot, Pharrell wore pieces from Giorgio Armani, Undercover Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Gucci, and more.

Speaking on a number of topics including the current state of streetwear, collaborating with G-Star RAW, and his relationship with Karl Lagerfeld. Here are some of his best quotes:

Pharrell on Diddy changing the perspective of Streetwear:



Coming out of the 1990’s, Sean Combs broke down the walls for us. Puffy was the first to have the likes of Donatella Versace accept him as a truly formidable force. What he did with Notorious B.I.G. and the whole Bad Boy brand, and him wearing Versace all the time – he opened a lot of doors that were considered to be only for the stuffy high-end world. He kind of humanized it for everybody else who couldn’t afford it, and raised the aspirational bar. I wouldn’t know about Chanel – even though I was one of the first dudes to start wearing it – if it weren’t for Puffy and Jay-Z. They were knocking doors down in crazy ways.

Pharrell on Collaborating with G-Star Raw:


“G-Star has been the number one focus for Bionic Yarn. I can’t get into what we’re working on now with Chanel other than to say it’s super luxury and they are incredibly supportive of the effort. I’m just grateful that the brands that we have been talking to over the years are now making the environment and the oceans a very serious, singular focus. The planet is 85 % water; people don’t realize that. I’m just into lifting others as there’s so much divisiveness out there right now. If you look at any of the messages on my shoes or clothes, you’ll see positive affirmations. Usually, they’re just one word that makes you feel a certain way – elevated.”

Pharrell on his relationship with Karl Lagerfeld:


“Karl for me is the real thing. I’ve watched this man sketch what I would be wearing on the runway, and a couple of months later it was done, and it’s like woah! And he’s been doing it for literally over 50 years. I’m just so grateful that I get to work with him and see how his mind works, and the things that he comes up with.”

Pharrell on his upcoming musical movie, “Atlantis”:


“Fox bought our musical for a film called Atlantis – Atlantis is the name of the housing projects I grew up in. While the story isn’t about my life – it’s about teenagers in and around 1977; I was born in 1973 – it’s written with details of how the neighborhood felt to me as a child.”

You can read the full-length interview over at Vogue Italia.