Up-And-Coming Artists: Sebi

Hollywood is a town where millions of aspiring singers, dancers, and actors go to follow their dreams of fame and fortune. Often referred to as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,”  creative professionals takes the leap of faith with the intention to thrive in the environment. A trip that 18-year-old Sebi doesn’t have to make. Born and raised in North Hollywood, the singer, songwriter, and pianist recently worked on his debut track, “June”, produced by Tommy Organ, the legendary guitarist of the late Michael Jackson.

Sebi at Play

The fun and lighthearted song, written by Sebi, himself, was inspired by wanting to fall in love with a seasonal lover. “My latest release “June” was produced by [my man] Tommy Organ and it was inspired with the idea of June being my birth month,” He shared. “I wanted the song to be about a couple finding love during this month and using the memories from it as something to always go back to when times are hard.” While Sebi’s music is influenced by Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Chance the rapper and more, it is Grammy award winner Jon Bellion that Sebi dreams to work with. Calling the ‘All Time Low’ singer an “overall genius”, Sebi reveals that he would love to learn more of his craft from the producer/musician. Not only is the California native a talented singer, but he is also an exceptional songwriter, writing his first song, “Just Breathe” as a young child. An ode to a stuffed bear he once owned, Sebi understood that bad times didn’t last always and wrote this song as a reminder to its listeners of that. “The message behind the song was basically to ‘just breathe,’” He started, reminiscing over the song. “When times get hard and remember all the good things and good times in life.” However, it was during his freshman year of high school that he discovered that singing is his life’s purpose. “I knew music was something I wanted to do when I performed a song at an event during my freshman year of high school. The feeling of singing and performing just gave me a sense of excitement that I never felt with anything before, not even sports.”
I am someone that wants to inspire and motivate others to always strive and achieve their own goals even when it doesn’t seem possible.
Sebi with Tommy Organ
Revealing that his process of writing for him is all about what is in his heart, Sebi has plans to continue writing, recording and more public appearances for 2018, all the while still being a college student. Sebi wants the world to know that singing is his passion, that he is “a hard worker that will work day in and day out to make something out of this art“. He calls himself an artist and an influencer like the artists that he looks up to. As a young musician himself, Sebi shares his advice for fellow musicians who want to get into the music game too. Ultimately suggesting to work and practice your craft on the daily basis as key, Sebi wants other musicians to believe in themselves, as he believes in himself. “Never listen to the people that doubt you or people that don’t believe in you. If you believe in yourself then that’s the only thing that matters.


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