Up-And-Coming Artists: Tanya Nambiar

The sound of the most popular genres of music can be heard from all over the world and Tanya Nambiar can attest to that. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, the 31-year-old singer, and songwriter aspires to show the world just how gifted and talented musicians from India truly are. Nambair released her debut EP, “Good Girls Gone” last year and was met with raving reviews.

The only common thing that the entire family had was music.

During an interview with Rolling Stone India, the singer admits that her parents are the reasons why she fell in love with music.  “I’m the most useless mixed breed because my dad is South Indian and my mom’s North Indian, and I’m like this exotic North-South mixture but I don’t know either of the languages,” she says. “The only common thing that the entire family had was music.” Growing up, Nambiar shares that she listened to a lot of popular music from Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder and even The doors, which influences her music choices (Kehlani, Charlie Puth, Chromeo) now. “I try and listen to every genre,” Nambiar starts. “Even though my music is a mix of pop rock, I’m heavily influenced by RnB and funk and hip-hop. I enjoy pop as much as I enjoy hip-hop and rock.” Revealing that her mother is a music teacher and her father introduced her music by Madonna and Chris Isaak, Nambiar participated in singing competitions and school bands. Although she never imagined a career in music, she later decides to quit her corporate job and pursue music full time. “I never imagined music as a full-time career but I really wanted to give it a shot. What is life without taking risks?  So I decided to take the plunge and give my passion a shot.”

Hustle hard, my friend! Be true to who you are. Don’t jump onto a genre just because it is popular. Make music that reflects who you are. One has to be super thick-skinned if you want to be a part of the music industry. Rejections and obstacles are all part of the game. – Tanya Nambiar


Nambiar launched as a solo artist in 2016 after being a part of the now-disband group, Gravy Train. While apart of the band, the singer wrote her first song, “Wild Night”. A song about “a girl who is quite high” at a wild party. Members of her band helped her create her latest single, “Two Lost Souls”. Produced by Manish Kestwal, the song reflects on two people who are unsure of one another, but continues to spend time and learn about each other. “My band has some great musicians who helped me put this song together- Abhishek Lal on guitar, Archit Anand on keys and Shashank Das on bass.” Nambiar writes about her experiences and matters that people can relate to. However, during her writing process, she shares that she “works on the melody first and then pen down lyrics.”

I spend hours working on a hook of a song. It always has to be catchy or something that people can remember.

Believing in the future of the R&B scene and in her own music, Nambiar dreams of working with the likes of Jax Jones and Diplo. “So many amazing producers and artists from across the world. I am influenced a lot by R&B.” Constantly educating herself on the genre and the many different interpretations of it, Nambiar reveals that she recently stumbled into R&B artists from Korea, calling it a “smooth flowing genre“. As an independent artist from India, she can’t imagine not singing or releasing new music. Listing her music as “fun” and “easy to listen to“, she is grateful for the love she continues to receive. “I am always trying to push the envelope when it comes to my music.
Nambair plans to release more music with the hopes of collaborating with electronic producers from her country of India.

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