MondayMotivation: 7 Wellness Podcasts To Keep Your Head In The Game

Podcasts are the ‘It thing’ right now and there are so many to choose from. Whether you are a sports fan, a music lover or just like to hear advice and opinions, podcasts are easy to access and fun to listen to. When we think of our health and wellness we may not think of listening to podcasts. We may think of a physician or even a personal trainer to ask for help with our personal fitness/wellness struggles. However, to maintain a healthy and sustainable fitness regimen we need both motivation and inspiration.

So here are 7 wellness-related podcasts to help keep your head (and body) in the game:

The Chasing Joy Podcast:

Recently celebrating her 1 year anniversary with her podcast, Georgie Morley, a 20-something-year-old barista by day, blogger by night created the podcast after creating the running blog, “In it 4 the long run.” Participating in 3 marathons, the self-proclaimed growth junkie wanted to connect with her readers on a wider platform. From health-related subjects to relationships and spirituality, Georgie covers all bases with her hour-long podcasts.
You can listen to ‘The Chasing Joy’ podcast on both Itunes and Spotify.

That’s so Maven:

That’s So Maven is a weekly health and wellness podcast hosted by blogger Davida Kugelmass of The Healthy Maven. Created in December of 2016, That’s so Maven covers subjects on plant medicine, intuitive eating, body positive photography and so much more. Davida shares her platform with other wellness-focused individuals who share their advice and tips on living the balanced lifestyle you’re looking for.

You can listen to ‘That’s so Maven’ on Itunes and Podbean.

Let it out with Katie Dalebout:

Long-form, organic, and candid conversations with a diverse group of guests including visionary authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, chefs, comedians & actors with interesting perspectives, careers, and stories.” For five seasons Katie Dalebout has invited guests from NYT Bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein, Doula and founder of Mama Glow Latham Thomas and so many more. From discussions of productivity and creativity to self-care and wellness to sex, love, body image, and more. Katie is a contributor to Mind Body Green.

You can listen to Let it out with Katie Dalebout on iTunes.

Black Girl in Om:

The Black Girl in Om podcast is in its third season of uplifting, affirming and informing those who inspire to live a holistic and organic lifestyle. Hosted by the Black girl in Om founder Lauren Ash and art director Deun Ivory, the Black Girl in om features clean beauty experts, holistic lifestylists and more. “I think it’s important—now more than ever—for us to take seriously the role of preventative self-care and preventative wellness,” Ash says. “I’m an advocate, in general, of people of color taking pause and really getting to know what is it that makes you feel sane, so that you’re able to thrive rather than just merely survive.”

You can listen to The black girl in Om podcast on the BGIOM website.

The Friend Zone:

The popular podcast ‘The Friend Zone’ hosted by Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante, explores mental health, love & relationships, and self-awareness. Covering everything from relationships to fitness to following your dreams, the three friends bring laughter and awareness in each episode. Francheska Medina is a wellness advocate based out of New York. After battling with chronic illness, Francheska healed herself through studies of alternative medicine. She frequently explores issues of mental health and provides helpful ways to practice self-care on the podcast.

You can listen to ‘The Friend Zone’ podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud.

The Food Heaven:

The Food Heaven podcast hosts are best friends and registered dietitians, Wendy and Jess. Jessica is a Certified Diabetes Educator (and Zumba Instructor!) with a Master’s of Science in Nutrition. While best friend Wendy is a clinical outpatient dietitian in NY and provides services for children, women, & general medicine clinics.  In their podcast, the women discuss everything from self-care to the process of creating cookbooks. The two has since released their own cookbook called ‘28 day plant-powered health reboot.’, a book filled with plant-based recipes to help reset your body, lose weight and gain energy.

You can listen to the ‘The Food Heaven’ podcast on the Foodheavenmadeeasy website.

Nourish and Flourish:

The last podcast on our list is Nourish and Flourish hosted by co-hosts Betsy Brockett and Emily Levenson. Emily, a therapist turned Holistic health coach, discovered an improvement in her health after changing her diet and lifestyle for the better. Co-host Emily’s health journey stems from a Mesothelioma diagnosis in 2014. She continues to chronicles the challenges that cancer has created for her in her personal blog, Cured Life. These two holistic beauties share their quite different lifestyles and routines, what works and don’t work for them and getting more than one perspective on a topic.

You can listen to the ‘Nourish and Flourish’ podcast on the nourishandflourish website.

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