Poetic Justice: 25 Years Later

FLASHBACK: It’s the 23rd day of July in the middle of 1993.  Janet Jackson’s “That’s the way love goes” is charting high on the Billboard hot 100 chart, Tupac’s “Keep your head up” can be heard in almost every passing car. Michael Jackson is the King of POP, Michael Jordan is the King on the courts and Mike Tyson is the known best as Iron Mike. Life is good, however, violence and crimes are at an all-time high, drugs are polluting the low-income neighborhoods and the government kicks back and watches it all happens. It’s 1993 and things haven’t really changed much in the past 25 years.

When we watch movies like “Poetic Justice”, “Menace II Society”, “Boys In The Hood“, etc., we can not only sense the times in which we had to face a mass of everyday struggles, (whether it be black-on-black crime, poverty, drug abuse and just living in poor conditions and environment) but the idea that these movies are timeless. I’ve watched this movie a million and one times since I was younger and I think I can credit Janet’s character Justice as one of the reasons why I take my writing as seriously as I do now. It was the way her words just eased in on every scene of the movie, like a Quill pen gracious flowing across a sheet of paper. Effortlessly. Of course, I didn’t realize that these were the words of the Late great Maya Angelou until much later, but it doesn’t take away the significance behind the strength of her thoughts.

25 years later, as I watched this movie from the eyes of a 31-year-old who has been in and out of love more times than she would want to admit, I come to realize that sometimes we really do find the love we are most deserving of when we just open our hearts to someone who is looking for love as well. Now, I am not saying that Lucky was the bell of the ball, but Justice was so closed off to love after losing her boyfriend to murder that she was completely drawn from love and was completely uninterested by it. (Kinda reminds me of myself.) Although Janet and Tupac never really had any chemistry off camera, the chemistry between Justice and Lucky will live on.