Up-And-Coming Artists: Kritta

The Bay Area has always had a bone to pick with the music industry when it comes to hip-hop. From their slang being used by anyone who deems it cool to the radio not playing much music from the historic area, Artists such as E-40, Too $hort, and more proves that Bay Area is pivotal to the long and thriving hip-hop culture. The Bay Hip-Hop scene may feel more like a throne being passed down to Kritta than to any other rapper. Although Kritta’s father is one of the strongest names in the Bay area (Pittsburg, CA), the rapper has created a name and is building a legacy for himself.


Kritta spent the majority of his childhood listening to a “multi-genre and multi-generational” batch of music that successfully expressed the keys to life. Crediting albums such as The Jacka‘sThe Jack Artist“, Lauryn Hill‘s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill“, Tupac‘s “Me against the world” and 50 Cent‘s “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” as some of the music he grew up listening to, Kritta has built up the ability to “bridge the gap between underground and mainstream music.” Known for having the talent of rapping at a very early age, Kritta remembers the first song he written being about his grandmother.
Kritta’s latest project “Black Orchid”, produced by Young Americano, was inspired by the way the rapper was feeling at the time. “I’m in constant pursuit of my dreams and at the time I felt very stagnant. It’s a conversation with myself about getting up and going for it overcoming whatever obstacles I’ll be faced with along the way, both internal and external.Black Orchid best describes Kritta’s writing process, which he believes depends on his mood and theme of the song. “Sometimes I can hear a beat and just write. Other times I need to sit with a beat or develop a concept I’ve had marinating in my head for a while.” Although Kritta is spending most of his time perfecting the balance of “hard lyrics and ear-tingling beats”, Kritta hopes for collaboration produced by Stephen Marley “with a hook sang by Lauryn Hill and feature a verse from Kendrick Lamar.

“Don’t second guess yourself, you’re probably doing the right thing.  Don’t be afraid to hear “no”. Develop yourself and be true to you. And always study the game. – Kritta, to the younger generation of rappers

With an EP set to be released in September to “kick things off”, Kritta feels the current state of the hip-hop scene is a catch 22. “As an artist, I like the fact that the playing field is leveled in a sense,” He said. “I can make music for the people who like my music. I don’t have to fake the funk or be backed by a big company for a fan to appreciate what I’ve created. It’s kinda 50/50 if it gets in front of you. You’ll either like it or you won’t. I like those odds. At that point, it’s about getting exposure. Even though a lot of the platforms play favorites or are hella cliquey.” But he reassures the fact that he is just “enjoying music right now.” At the end of the day, despite how he may feel about platforms being inclined to only promote their favorite artists, Kritta believes that whoever comes into his life is there for a purpose and suggests artists to utilize their resources. “The right people come at the right time,” He reiterates. “It’s important to be ready for when that time comes and once it does don’t be afraid to utilize your resources.


Kritta wants the people to know that he makes music “to spread love,” and inspires to set the bar for the next wave of rappers.


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