#ChickWitKicks: DJ Jovi

Jovi, also known as, DJ Jovi from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a full-time DJ and a writer for various lifestyle sites. Not being as active with attending events and buying every new release as she once were, Jovi relies on the major sneaker sites that she writes for to keep her in the loop of what’s coming out. Feeling like the style in Philly is “pretty safe“, Jovi notes that for the most part people are only really rockin’ the standard Vans, Adidas or Yeezys on the regular.

Just like Melanie, Jovi enjoys being a collector of vintage items but feels the retro movement has killed that for her. “ I pretty much have every sneaker I wanted or missed out on in the past. Plus a lot of the older stuff has started to deteriorate now, the soles are yellowed or crumbling and a lot of that stuff isn’t actually wearable.” She also remembers her most expensive pair of sneakers being The Air Jordan 11 DMP (retailing at $500). “When the Jordan Brand started releasing sneakers in dual packs I would buy them a lot,” She said. “and the price would start at around $300 or more.” And although Jovi doesn’t feel like the sneaker collecting game is as “lucrative as it once was”, she still considers it a fun hobby. “Everyone has their thing, this just happens to be mine.

I’ve had people offer me money on the spot for something I’m literally wearing or that I just bought, but I could never go through with it. – Jovi

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