#ChicksWitKicks: Christina

29-year-old NYC- based Visual Merchandiser, Christina grew up a tomboy and copied everything her big brother did. At the age of 8 years old, Christina’s brother received a pair of the taxi 12s, and that triggered Christina to become the sneaker lover that she is known to be today. “I was with him and my mom let me pick what shoes I wanted, so I decided to get the same as him and I’ve been into sneakers ever since then.” Admitting that the most expensive silhouettes that she paid for were her Gucci Ace sneakers, at $700, Christina feels that knowing when a shoe is exclusive is easy because of the hype around it.

I love that women are getting into sneakers and I love seeing a woman in a fresh pair of kicks,” She shares, reflecting on brands such as Nike and Adidas providing more women-driven campaigns. “I hope to see more women get into sneaker culture. It’s obviously a male-dominated culture but us ladies got some heat in our collection too and should be just as represented as the guys.” Noticing that NYC is responsible for so many different styles and trends, Christina believes that streetwear is definitely bigger than it’s ever been in NYC. “I see Supreme bags on tons of people, it was one of their most popular items from the last season,” she says. “Waist bags are really in for guys and girls. I think culottes are also very popular right now for the ladies and jumpsuits. The “dad sneaker” is also very popular with guys and girls. There’s a lot of sneaker and style inspiration to draw from the city.” At the end of the day, Christina enjoys collecting all types of sneakers and a few choice words for those who feel that it’s a waste of time. “I love collecting shoes and that should only matter to me so if you don’t like it that’s ok, it’s not for everyone.

I’ve had people tell me that before but I don’t look at it that way. How can I be wasting my time if I’m doing something I’m passionate about and brings me joy? – Christina 

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