Black Girl Magic: The Magic Behind the Words (Playlist)

After watching the “Black Girls Rock” program on Sunday night, I became even more enthralled by the powers that be within me as a Black woman in the U.S.A. It is our superpower to be strong, independent and fearless, but it also our downfall that we aren’t respected and treated as fairly as we should. When I see women like Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, Oprah Winfrey and other women of prestige, class, status, and poise, it show me that if I worked hard, believed in myself and didn’t take “no” for an answer, I too can have my dreams come true.

However, those women aren’t the only ones that I look up to. Some women that I admire are a little simpler in terms of status and prestige, but they have still made an impact on the world, young girls and women of color and myself. This is a playlist of not only strong women of color but of strong words and affirmations. Black girl magic is real and it is within every single one of us. There is strength in numbers. Strength in “Black Girl Magic”.