Visuals: ARTZ – VOGUE (VHS)


ARTZ is more than a recording artist, more than a video editor and more than art curator, he is a survivor. Surviving a stray bullet that could of taken his life, the twenty-something-year-old has taken what life has offered him and made a new life for himself. Creating a natural following with Reject Dreamers, ARTZ has had the opportunity to travel all over the world, sharing his talent of thought-provoking art to fellow art enthusiasts and music lovers of Toronto, Montreal, London, Miami, Los Angeles and so much more.


Today,  Reject Dreams premieres ARTZ’s “Mixie & Vogue”, a dual pack, Digi-Cassette 2.0 of  “introspective rap and trippy melodics“. Teaming up with R&B acts “Nbdy” & “Devin Tracy,” Mixiewas produced by Rena1ssance and serves as a “theme song for ladies and players everywhere“. However, his latest hit Vogue“, produced by WhatsGoodKev & co-produced by TyTheSoundGod is a tribute to Vogue’s elegant models of the 90s, displaying how both love and drugs can be synonymous to each other. “VOGUE” was directed, shot by ARTZ.