Cuff Season: How to find love and to keep it

If you’re looking for love at this very moment, then you’ve come to the right place. We know that trying to manage a love life, a social life, and a work-life can all be one big ball of stress, but we all deserve to be loved by someone special. If you feel as though your love life has been rubbish up until now (I know I do), then we’re here to show you how you can turn it all around.


Finding love is never easy, we will admit that. But there are a few things that you can do to assure that your love life can be and remain active and to make sure that one day you’ll eventually meet the right one for you. Life passes us by so quickly, so there is no time like the present to go on a hunt for love. With our advice in mind, go out there and find a romance worth having!


Where To Look

Think about it. When you liked someone when you were younger, it was easy to like them and to wait for them to ask you out. You would date for a few months, but then tragedy strikes and one of you starts to like someone else. The end. But in all honesty, your love life in school is definitely not like your love life of today. You need to know where to look to ensure you meet the right person for you. If you have a look at websites such as, you may find something quite interesting and unique. This could either really suit you, or it won’t. But the aim is to find some new love, even if it is from overseas. It’s exciting, to say the least, and you never know what you might find, or where your life would take you if you found someone from a different culture or country who loved you!

If this doesn’t float your boat, then get out there with your friends. Going out for drinks in sophisticated places is sometimes the best way of meeting someone new! Going clubbing probably won’t bring up the best of the bunch, but something more upmarket would!


Qualities To Look For

Now, this is really really important. If you want the relationship to work long-term, you have to think about what you’re looking for in a partner. They have to have the same likes as you, and preferably the same personality. Although opposites can (and sometimes do) attract, too many differences can cause you to clash and your relationship will never make it past the first date. That’s why it’s very important to talk and learn about a person a bit before meeting up for the first date. At least then you know exactly what you’re setting yourself up for.



That Dreaded First Date

I know your nerves should be kicking in now. The first date is one of the most horrible, yet magical moments of any relationship. You have to get past all of the awkwardness and find a way to be able to talk comfortably so that you really get to know each other. Go somewhere fun for your first date, rather than somewhere formal. It helps ease the atmosphere a little, and should make it more enjoyable for the both of you!