Dear Kanye West, I Understand Your Message, Sincerely Your Fan

It is pretty interesting how much I can truly love and admire someone despite the fact of them continuously doing something that I really, really hate. But I guess that is the definition of unconditional love. Can you have unconditional love for someone that you don’t personally know? The bible says, “Above all, love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8 Now I am not a devout Christian by any means necessary, but I understand that most religions teach the same golden rule: “treating others as one’s self would wish to be treated.” But this post is not about religion or even unconditional love, it is about me continuing to be a fan of Kanye West whilst watching him spiral out of control.

“Spiraling” can have many different interpretations to people, and people may even feel like Kanye isn’t spiraling but rather “cooning” or looking for attention. And as much as they may feel that they are correct about this, they are wrong. Kanye has always been an outspoken man who spoke his thoughts without the fear of ruffling the feathers of other people. This is the same man who spoke out against former President George W. Bush, Taylor Swift, Beck, and so many others, and yet while applauded for it, he made a lot of people upset. But although he is sharing his opinion as he has always done, Kanye’s thoughts aren’t as always clear and straight to the point as they have been in the past. Listen, I get it. When people experience manic episodes their thoughts aren’t conveyed as clearly as they would wish for them to, which causes people to be judgemental or even ignore the message in its entirety. And as a fan of Kanye’s, I have taken into consideration that although I do not agree with who he chooses to endorse, it comes from a good place. A good and honest place.

Kanye doesn’t need to be criticized for who he chooses to support or endorse, he needs to be understood. People fail to realize that we don’t have to agree with a person to understand them and to reassure them that they have every right to feel the way that they feel. When we say we miss the “old Kanye”, we are taking away the identity of the man that we see today. Yes, I’ve been guilty of saying this as well, but I’ve come to terms that all Kanye wants is peace. Inner peace. Global peace. Universal peace. And we can’t fault him for wanting that. At the end of the day, we can all admit that Kanye is still the man that he has always been. A man with an opinion that he isn’t afraid to share it. And whether we want to admit it or not, Kanye will continue to speak his mind because he was taught to do just that; stand on his own two feet and be honest.

As for me, well I became a fan of Kanye West for that sole reason, his bravery to speak against the masses and practice what he preaches. If I was to walk away from him as a fan for doing the exact thing that I became a fan of his for, would that not make me a hypocrite of the highest form? A lot of people talk about wanting world peace and to live in a world where there is no hatred, prejudice, malice or contempt. These are the same people who may even feel that Kanye is the wrong messenger to project this message out to the world, but does that make the message any less true? Any less important? Does he having Bipolar disorder make his thoughts and opinions any less valid? Let’s take a moment today to just listen to what people have to say, instead of prejudging and alluding the importance of our opinions over others. We may miss a message we so desperately need.