You, Me and The Sea: A trip to Bali-wood


The islands of Indonesia are amongst some of the most popular and richly packed travel destinations in the world. Bali might not be the largest amongst them, but it does have some particularly enticing gems. The beach resort city of Seminyak is just one of those. It’s not a name that jumps out at most people, but those who know it knows its reputation for luxury, beauty, and reveling a-plenty.

Here, we’re going to look at just some of the highlights of what is commonly considered the chic center of Bali:


The beaches

You can’t talk about a vacation to Indonesia, to Bali in particular, without mentioning the beaches. The southern coast of the island has more beach than you’ll know what to do with. The surf is welcoming and challenging across the coast, but there’s a lot more to do, too. If you feel like a dip, there are plenty of scuba spots just off the coast of Seminyak. What’s more, there are boat trips to the surrounding islands, as well. If you feel like it, you can take a guide and get a little lost in the Gili Islands. Otherwise, Double Six Beach offers a view of some of the most gorgeous sun, sea, and sand right on the doorstep of the resort’s many eateries and beach clubs.

The party

Those aforementioned eateries and clubs are one of the primary reasons that so many people keep coming back to Seminyak. Considered the social hub of the island, especially for tourists, there are tons of restaurants and nightlife spots to enjoy. From fresh seafood to local cuisine to European-inspired menus, a trip alongside the strip lays it all out for you. Find yourself a place at one of the holiday villas in Seminyak and you’re going to be right beside the epicenter of the fun. From hip coffee shops like Revolver to upbeat and vibrant nightclubs like Woobar, the town has a little something for everyone. If you feel like a little retail therapy the day after, Jalan Laksmana is the most popular shopping street not just in Seminyak, but all of the island.


The culture

This isn’t a destination that’s defined purely by the availability of colorful cocktails and electronic dance music, either. Seminyak is a chic, cool spot, not your average partygoer’s destination. There’s a lot of culture to take in during your trip. One spot that’s a must see if the art gallery. The Nyaman Gallery hosts the largest collection of contemporary art from Bali and the wider scope of Indonesia from ornate wood carvings to oil paintings. Almost everything there is for sale, with some exceptions so it can make the perfect place to become a patron and take a little bit of Bali back home with you.

The pampering

Seminyak is often referred to as a resort town. Besides bars, restaurants, and gorgeous villas, what more would you expect from a resort but some of the finest massages and most invigorating spa treatments? There are more massage parlors and spas than you can shake a stick at, and it’s hard to recommend just one. Spring Spa is one of the most popular, however, with a huge range of beauty treatments, massage therapy, all in a setting created to evoke the peaceful natural allure of the island itself. Yoga’s another de-stress agent you will find in spades, and anyone can join classes at places like Seminyak Yoga Shala. Yoga is huge in Bali so don’t worry if you don’t find a spot in one place, you will find it elsewhere.


bali-indonesia-2The temples

Bali, like many of the other Indonesia islands, is well-known for the majestic temples dotted throughout. A short trip away from Seminyak will take you to places like the Monkey Forest Ubud, a sacred spot with not one but three individual temples. However, most famous in all of Bali is the temples around the coast, erected to honor the guardian spirits of the sea. Pura Petitenget Temple is one such structure. Though it’s a relatively small temple, it’s still an active place of worship and very important to the local population. What’s more, it makes a nice break from all the hustle and bustle of the resort town.

Many a traveler are surprised to find that there’s such culture, luxury, and sophistication to be found even on one of the smaller island destinations of Southeast Asia. However, Seminyak just goes to show that the people of Bali know how to treat their guests, so go make yourself at home.