Hot Loving: Spicing up your Love life


If you’ve got a family on your hands, no matter how big or small it is, there’s a good chance you’ve got a long list of priorities to get through before the day is out. You’ve got the kids to get up and dressed, fed and pack their lunch, then off to school. If you’ve got little ones on your hands, you’ve got to make sure they’ve got some kind of activity to get up to that day. Then you need to take the dog out for a walk, and all before 10 in the morning! The rest of the day tends to follow suit, and you’ve got to try and fit some work in between all of that.

It’s a very delicate balance to try and manage, and it’s something a lot of parents do without even realizing – but there’s always going to be some areas of your life that end up neglected as a result. No one ever means to do this of course, but there are only 24 hours in a day, and you’re already using all of them. And because you and your partner are the heads of the household, there’s a good chance you’re not seeing much of each other during the day. You’ve both got tons of rushing responsibilities to keep to, and then you collapse into bed next to each other, and you’re lucky to get five minutes to talk before you crash out into sleep. So let’s do our best to try and change this tune with some ideas about how to appreciate your other half in the little ways we can manage.

You’ve probably not been able to take a break in a long time. 



Pick Up a Gift:

Or you can have it sent straight out to them in a first class post, to make sure they’re opening up a box of fresh flowers the next morning, or coming home to a lovely surprise after a long day at work. Everyone loves receiving a package from the postman – it’s one of the main things adults get excited over, and you’ll love watching your partner’s face light up! After all, gifts don’t have to be huge extravaganzas or ideas you have to spend a lot of time and effort that you simply don’t have to plan out; you can just head to the shop on your way home with the kids and buy something that reminded you of your partner! As long as it’s a special moment you’ve put a little bit of love in, it’ll work. Or even better, just try shopping online, as we noted above. It makes sure the surprise comes completely out of nowhere and means you don’t have to allow any more time out of your day in your quest to make sure your spouse knows you appreciate them. And when there are neat little lists like gifts for him out there, the whole ordeal couldn’t be easier to take a look into every now and then.


Take on a Challenge Together:

If you or your partner is going through something difficult, or they’re taking on a new diet or exercise regime, or they’re trying to cut something out of their life and they’re not taking the process too well, why not join them in the struggle? When you can join in on your partner’s relative pain and difficulty in facing a certain part of life, they’re going to feel a lot more supported than ever before. So if your spouse is trying to cut out those late night sodas, or stop eating chocolate on a regular basis, or they’re doing they’re best to keep up those difficult leg crunches five times a week, do exactly the same thing alongside them. It helps to present a united front against a problem and can show your other half just how much you love them day by day, minute by minute, as you do so. And you can very easily fit some practices like these into your daily lifestyle, seeing as you’re both aiming to turn these changes into habits! But don’t worry, if there are some mental or some physical reasons you can’t join in, there’s plenty of other ways to support your partner during a tough time.



Keep Up the Texting:

You’ve got a phone, your other half has a phone, and you’re still somehow managing to leave the communication on the table! It doesn’t take much to send a text every now and then, just as long as you remember to pull your phone out. When you’re apart from your partner, as you probably are for at least 8 or so hours during the day, be sure to keep up the messaging between the two of you. Sure, the other person might not be able to answer immediately, and you’re going to be waiting a couple of hours for a response, but they’ll have a lovely message from the person they love to come back to! So send them some crazy thoughts you have throughout the day, send them article links to things you know they’d find interesting, even just send them a bunch of kisses and photos of you and the kids – there’s a lot of things that can be texted that have a lot of impact on how well the recipient’s day is going. Some things here can get a bit cheesy, but if you’re lacking inspiration, take a look through a list like this.


Ready to Sprinkle a Little More Love?:

It’s something that doesn’t take much effort when you make it a regular part of your day. Sure, you and your other half love each other, and wouldn’t be without each other, but energy really can be sapped away by your other responsibilities. So make sure you’re using ideas like these to make a difference to each other’s days, and that you’re always spreading warm, positive feelings between the two of you. Remember, it’ll make the family a lot happier as a whole as well!