Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

New relationships are exciting, they’re full of constant communication in the form of texts, emails, phone calls, and of course, dates.

The first few months of a new relationship is the time you spend getting to know each other, and there’s probably a good deal of passion involved.

However, as the relationship progresses and you become more familiar and comfortable with each other – perhaps even reaching a deeper stage of falling in love and planning a life together, many people struggle to maintain that initial level of excitement and passion, which can cause the breakdown of relationships.

This is, not only very sad, but it’s entirely unnecessary. All relationships take work, it’s just that at the beginning the feelings of novelty take over and make the initial work seem less like work, but if you think about all the effort you put in to showing your best side and making yourself look the part for each date, then you’ll see the work is the same, it just takes on different forms as you progress into the different stages of a relationship.

So, in this post, we’ve included some simple ways to spice up your love life after you’ve progressed out of the exciting honeymoon period of a new relationship.

Have regular dates:

Just because you’ve passed the early date stage doesn’t mean you should stop dating your partner. In fact, dates once you’re already in an established relationship can actually be more enjoyable because you’re both more relaxed and can enjoy the place you are properly whilst spending quality time together.

You certainly don’t have to go on fancy dates, so even if it’s just a weekly cinema trip, a nice dinner and a few drinks, or a romantic night at home, the main thing here is to make the time to devote to dating your partner like you did at the beginning.

Send flirty texts:

Again, this is something that people seem to stop doing once they get past the initial stages of a relationship – especially if they live together. Sending flirty and passionate texts to your partner whilst they’re away, at work, or even just in another room is a seriously simple and effective way to bring back the spice into your relationship.

Get a piercing:

Whilst this may seem like a bit of a strange one to mention, getting a piercing in a place, such as nipple bars that only your partner is allowed to see can definitely add some excitement to your love life. This should be considered if it’s something you’re comfortable with and not being pressured into doing.

Go on romantic breaks:

A great way to keep the romance and the spark alive in your relationship is by going on romantic breaks. You certainly don’t need to go far away, but just the small change of scenery of going to the next down or city from yours is already going to make a big difference.

Making a point to do this regularly and not just for special occasions will definitely boost your love in a positive way.