Make It Last Forever: 10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Stronger

Getting married is far from easy, but, compared with maintaining a loving and happy marriage, it is the simpler of two tasks. After all, a wedding is just one day, but your relationship is supposed to last a lifetime. Despite what many believe, there is no such thing as the perfect marriage. Everyone fights and argues now and then, and, as much love as there is between you and your partner, you will too. However, that’s not to say that your relationship will come to an end either. No two marriages are the same, but here are ten things you could do to keep yours strong.

1. Have A Long Engagement

You can start to preserve your marriage before it even begins by agreeing to a long engagement. This extra time together allows you to get to know one another on a deeper level and gives you time to consider whether or not getting married is something you really want. The longer you wait to get married, the less pressure you and your partner will have during wedding preparations too, which means there should be less cause for tension and arguments between you both.

2. Love Their Loved Ones

Just like you have family and friends that are important to you, your partner does too. When you get married, your loved ones will blend with theirs, which is why it’s crucial that you try to get along. Bond with their family and friends as much as you can and make an effort to go and see them, even if your partner isn’t with you. Unfortunately, it is possible that you may not like one another despite your efforts, in which case you should try to be civil for your partner’s sake.

3. Split Chores Between You

We live in the 21st century, meaning that women are no longer expected to do all of the housework while the husbands go off to work. With that in mind, you should sit down with your partner and come up with a way to split the chores between you. Of course, if one of you doesn’t work, then it makes sense for them to do a little more, but they shouldn’t have to do it all alone. If there are any jobs neither of you wants to do, then consider hiring a cleaner to handle them.

4. Stay Fair When Fighting

As happy as you may be together, you and your partner are going to fight now and then. This is a normal part of any healthy relationship, just as long as you know how to fight fairly. After all, it only takes one hurtful comment to cause some real damage to your relationship. To prevent this, you should try to think things through before you say them and avoid any exaggerated accusations. If you do say something you regret, then make sure that you apologize as soon as you can.

5. Don’t Trash Talk Them

Your partner is going to annoy you now and then, but, as much as you may want to, you should try not to trash talk them to other people. While you can certainly discuss your relationship and air your frustrations, slating them is rarely a good idea, especially when you’re close to a particularly confrontational friend. After all, if they go and say something to your partner, it may cause issues where there weren’t any.

6. Be Honest About Money

Money can cause tension in a marriage, especially when one of you hides things from the other. Because of this, you should try to be as honest about your finances as you can be. Whether you want to buy yourself a treat or a apply for loan, you should be able to discuss it with your partner, especially when there are secured joint loans from Evolution Money that you can apply for together. You can spend your money as you choose, but you shouldn’t hide it when you do.

7. Get Over Old Issues

Most couples have issues to deal with, especially in the early days of the relationship, but, if you and your partner are still together now, then it means that you agreed to move on from those problems. For this reason, you can’t keep bringing the same arguments up every time you and your significant other have a disagreement. If you’re struggling to move past your issues, then you may want to speak to a relationship counselor rather than using them as a weapon.

8. Show That You Care

Whether you’ve been married for five minutes or fifty years, you and your partner should make a point of showing one another that you care. You can do this by doing sweet and unexpected things now and then, like sending flowers to your partner’s office or booking their favorite restaurant for a date. You should also compliment your partner and tell them that you love them. This will keep the romance alive and make you both happier.

9. Take Time For Yourself

As much as you and your partner may love each other, you’re going to get frustrated with one another if you’re constantly under each other’s feet. To prevent this, you should make sure that you have some time for yourself now and then and that your partner does the same. Avoid texting each other the whole time you’re gone, and instead enjoy the break away. There’s no harm in having your own social life, even with a ring on your finger.

10. Make Them Your Priority

Your partner should always be at the top of your list of priorities, so make sure that you treat them that way. While there may be occasions when you have more pressing issues to deal with, on the most part, you should ensure that you’re always there when your partner needs you. Any simple requests they may have should be dealt with quickly, and you should try to ask them if there’s anything they need regularly. This will prompt them to do the same with you.

There is no exact marriage science to work off, but we all know that relationships are built on more than just love. They require a great deal of work, so make sure that you remember the advice above and do what you can to keep your marriage strong.