Here Come The Bride… 7 Tips To Prepare For Your Big Day


Wow! You are getting married and your special day has finally arrived. Over the last few months, you will have spent a lot of time planning and preparing for this big day as you will want it to be something that you and your guests remember with fondness forever more. Making your wedding unique is not as difficult as you may think, and if you are still in the planning stage, here are a few tips to help you.


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Once you have decided on a date, the nest thing to finalize is the venue. Do you want a top class hotel for your wedding, or maybe you would prefer a country feel? Whichever you want, there is no shortage of venues for any style of wedding. You should visit a few to find the right one for yours. A venue that allows you to make a grand entrance is always good too, as this can be a really special start to the reception.


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When you know the date and location you can start to put your guest list together. Start with the people that are ‘must be there’s’ and then see how many spaces you have left for other people. The invitations they receive will be the first time many of them know you are getting married and you need to send out something special. Pure Invitations wedding invites fit the bill and they have lots of ideas for invitations that will start the proceeding off in a special way.


Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

Traditionally, wedding dresses are white but yours does not have to be. You can get married in any color or style; it just has to be the perfect wedding dress for you. It may take some time to find the right one and if you are stuck for ideas, search them online before venturing out to the stores.

If you know what you want do not compromise. Keep looking and you will find it somewhere.


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Perfect Music

People’s opinions of what is perfect music vary greatly, but it should be something that is easy for people to dance to. This is generally easy listening music, but if that isn’t your thing and it isn’t your guests’ thing either feel free to put together a great rap, hip-hop, or rock playlist and if you can find a great DJ or band that will get everyone involved that is even better. They should be entertaining and be prepared to do more than play music. If they can create some fun for you and your guests they can make the reception unforgettable.


Utilize Tech And Social Media

The latest technology used by social media platforms means that you can open an album for guests to post all there pictures too. This is a great way of having some photos from all different perspectives, as well as the official ones the photographer takes, documenting the start of your marriage in far more detail. You can never have too many photos of the good times!

Videos of weddings have been popular for years, and your guests can add even these to your album. You just need to start a hashtag for them to use and then it is very simple for them to do.



Food For All Tastes

Tastes in food vary so much that quite often the best way is to offer a buffet. This lets people eat what they like rather than be sitting in front of a dish that they find unappetizing.  You should also remember that some of your friends and family may be vegetarian or vegan and should include items to cater to them as well.

For some reason, guests seem to remember the desserts more than anything else, so make sure these are really great. Macaroons, cupcakes or donuts always go down well and there is enough to please most people. If your wedding is in the middle of summer, have some desserts that have ice cream included as that will help to cool your guests. Some couple even arranges for an ice cream truck to turn up for a couple of hours if the weather forecast is hot, and this can be a brilliant way for adults and children to have something cold.

A wedding is a long day and you should put some more food out later in the evening so that your guests do not remember your wedding because they were starving.


The Perfect Day For You

You want everything for your wedding day to be perfect for you, but you also need to be certain that your guests are having a good time. Otherwise, you will spend the day worrying about them and that will ruin it for you. Finding a balance that caters for everyone is the secret, and that is not as difficult as it may sound.