How To Bring Out The Musician In You: 6 Tips To Bring Out Your Inner Beyonce, Or Someone Dangerously Close

Seeing somebody up there on stage showing off their musical ability makes a lot of people feel as though the art of sound is a case of ‘you’ve either got it or you ain’t’ – especially when they’re making it looks so simple and that it could be done in their sleep! That couldn’t be further from the truth. Everybody has it, and it’s just a case of putting the ‘I wish I could do that’ thoughts into practice. Here are a few ideas that may help in bringing out that musical side.  


Just Learn To Play

It’s not as scary as it seems. Musicians sometimes come across as somewhat pretentious with their attempts to be overly creative and their use of big, fancy words, but it’s something we can all do. A small guitar or keyboard piano can be bought super cheap: get that done and you’re pretty much set. There are tonnes of tutorials online that give lessons to beginners, such as, that you can easily access to help you get started. There’s always real-life face-to-face lessons that you can find near you if you’re more comfortable with it – that’s how it was always done before!                                                                                                                                                                


Go To Gigs

Going to the biggest gigs is a genuine experience that creates memories for a lifetime, but why not spend some nights at the local bars checking out the guys and girls trying to entertainment and make a name for themselves. Same with events taking place near you, going to these could educate you and make you more comfortable in a musical environment.



Try Singing Lessons

Similar to playing an instrument, learning to sing is a skill and an art. Not everyone is Beyoncé, but even beautiful voices like that need training and if you think you’re terrible, trust me, you’re not anywhere near as bad as you think you are.



Learn To Read Music

Reading sheet music is seen as another difficult skill to learn, what with all the symbols and patterns to deal with, when really it’s not too difficult. Whilst there’s a lot of legendary artists out there who never bothered to learn, it’s a small skill that can help boost confidence and ability. There are lots of easily accessible websites like to help beginners and even the more advanced musicians get to grips with it.


Look For New Stuff

There’s always new music being created; you may find different tunes and even different genres out there that blow your mind. It could be something that’s the complete opposite of your norm or something that’s just slightly away from it. Some great artists may fuse different sounds from time to time and create a genuine hit.     


young women drinking coffee and talking at cafe

Chat About It

Thanks to modern day technology, we’re able to converse with people from all over the globe. Why not check into social media or sign up to a forum and getting chatting? You could learn a few things as well as pick up buddies with common interests!