“The Smoke” Ain’t No Joke! Why London Rivals NYC

London and New York have always been in direct competition with each other. And there are so many bloggers out there that say that New York will always win, hands down because it’s the best city in the world! Now, we may be a bit biased, but we’ve got to give London its dues. When we are heading on vacation, New York provides so much for us, but if we want to expose ourselves to different cultures, we can go anywhere in the world, from Italy to Spain, or even further afield to understand different ways of living. But London is just close enough for us to have an adventure that’s a bit different but has a lot of similarities. So, why does London make a suitable vacation destination?


The Choice Of Food

Maybe we’re spoilt for choice in NYC, but in London, you’ve got as much, if not more choice! From Brixton to canary wharf, Camden to Islington, there’s such a diverse range of foods, from Indian to Chinese, as well as the traditional pizzas we’ve grown up with, you need to expand your palate some more. In fact, if you wondering where to eat in Canary Wharf, there are plenty of modest eateries, Jack Speak being one of many. But if you want an abundance of choice under one roof, the Camden Food Market has plenty of cuisines, from Indonesian to Indian, Chinese to chips, they’re all there for you!

The Traditional British Pub

In America, we just can’t seem to get the pub right. It seems that it becomes a bar or some sort of dive that attracts unsavory clientele. But a British pub seems to have a very good balance of comfortable surroundings, friendly atmosphere, as well as providing the food and drink we so need on a rainy day. Let’s face it; there is a lot of rain in London! And we need our comforting meals to keep us going. And there is nothing quite like sitting in the pub or afternoon on a Sunday, watching the rain, discussing life, and just relaxing! America, take note!


The Sport

If you make a visit to London, it has to be on your itinerary to visit Wembley Stadium or just getting to one of the traditional football matches that seem to be everywhere on a Saturday in Britain! And, when you see a sport like rugby, the closest thing to our version of football, and how full on it really is, and the fact that they don’t wear much in the way protective gear like our football players, you will either wince every time there’s contact or applaud the players for being so brave! Sport is such an important part of British culture, and if you want to visit one of the many stadiums around, and watch one of the London teams like West Ham or Chelsea, it’s a great way to get that traditional British experience in! And be warned, the beer measurements are pretty large!

We could go on about the culture, but when it comes to the little differences, you can spend so long in British culture, trying the food, watching the sport and having a cozy time in the British pubs, that you will see why London rivals NYC!