Love After Death: Can Love Transcend After Death?

There is something so compelling about losing the person that you love the most. You go through every emotion that you can think of as humanly as possible. Sadness. Anger. Remorse. You may feel gratitude for the time that you shared with them. You may think about every conversation that had, every thought of them, good or bad. Dreams and goals that you made with them. Even future plans that wanted to experience with them. And then in the blink of an eye, they are all gone. All the hopes, dreams, and plans, just a faded memory.

While the world mourns along with Nipsey’s family, his children, his friends, and fans, I couldn’t help but think about the love of his life, Lauren and how she will move on with her life? How can she fathom explaining to her children that their father isn’t coming back? How will she go to bed at night and not feel him next to her? To say, “I love you” and not hear him say it back? I couldn’t imagine how she is feeling or how she is coping with his loss.


I don’t think a lot of people understand that love is the only thing that can transcend both space and time. Love is not just an emotion, it is a powerful force that can be felt from within, at any time and from any place. As you are reading this, you may be thinking of the one person that you loved the most that are no longer here. You never stopped loving them because they are gone and they never stopped loving you either. When you love someone, they will be a part of you forever. Their ideas, their thoughts start to influence the way you think and it is something that is hard to see while they are still around. When you allow yourself to be loved by someone so special, they will affect your being and the structure of your character. You’re forever changed by having to allow them into your heart. The people that we love will never die, not completely anyway. They will live in your heart, they will live on your mind, they will be in the faces of the people you see, their laughter will be heard in laughs of their children. They will always be inside of you and if you listen closely, you will hear them still guiding you through life, helping you, and leading you in the right direction.

Lauren called Nipsey her “sanctuary“, “protector” and “her soul“, the one that she has shared her the last five years of her life with and a baby, Kross. Her time with him may have been cut short and abruptly, but he will always be with her and their children. My heart goes out to her and to everyone who has lost their spouses in tragic circumstances. I know people may feel that because she is a celebrity, her hurt and pain is deemed more important than a regular person who may have lost a husband or wife recently. At this time we must learn to be more caring and cautious with the things we say to people who are in mourning. *Kodak Black* We must be empathic to other people’s struggles and show some compassion. This may have happened to Nipsey and Lauren today, but it could be a friend or a family tomorrow and compassion is what we would want in return.