Blogcation: Blogging While You Are On Vacation

Credit: Samson Katt from Pexels

Blogging, whether it’s your career, a hobby or something in the middle of the two, can be a full-time commitment. Many bloggers work full-time hours, or even more. They see their blogs as a business, they organize their time, and they work on their blog whenever they can.

If you want your blog to grow in popularity and open up opportunities for you, you need to. You need to publish new content, promote posts, add photographs and be active of social media. You need to spend your time working on your SEO, engaging with your audience and coming up with new ideas. Many bloggers feel as though they never get to take a day off. 

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A big problem for many bloggers is holidays. If you blog about travel, family or lifestyle, chances are that you’ll want to write about your experiences while you are away, and not just on your blog itself. You’ll want to share photos and other content on your social media channels. You might also worry that taking time off will hurt your blog. But, you deserve, and need, a break. You need to take time off to recharge your batteries, rest and relax. There’s no reason that you can’t manage both. Here are some tips to help you to blog while you are on holiday.

Find the Right Accommodation

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

If you want to work while you are away, you might want to look at cheap apartments where you can connect to wifi and work comfortably. You don’t want to find yourself without internet, or a comfortable space to work, so choose your accommodation carefully.

Schedule What You Can

Scheduling is a useful tool when you are at home, but it’s even more practical when you are away. Set some time aside before you go on holiday to schedule your posts and social media updates for while you are away. Mention your holiday so that your followers are aware that you might not respond, and then don’t worry about being online all of the time.

Do the Minimum

If you’ve got things scheduled for while you are away, you might only need to post a few things here and there. Holiday snaps to Instagram are always fun, but you might not want to tackle a big blog post about the local attractions until you get home. By all means, make notes and take photos as you go, but save anything bigger until you get back unless there’s anything that you desperately need to get done. It can also be a good idea to set an out of office email, explain when you will be back, so you don’t have to worry about replying to your emails.

Give Yourself a Break

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If you want to work while you are away, that’s fine. But, let your standards and expectations slide. Just try to keep things ticking over instead of making big leaps forward. Remember, blogging is very much a long game, taking a few days off won’t hurt you long term. So, try to have a few days where your laptop is closed, and your phone is left behind.