How To Sport A Classic Style

With a range of sports-inspired high street and designer pieces, sports style isn’t just about what you wear to the gym. In addition to funky, sports performance wear, you can incorporate a sports classic style into your everyday wear as well.


Comfortable and chic

A sporty classic style offers unrivaled comfort, so it’s perfect for any environment. Whether you’re working, shopping, looking after the kids or traveling, a sporty classic look is the perfect option. Easy-to-wear, a sporty style gives you an edge over your competitors. As well as looking great, a classic sporty style provides a functional outfit option that doesn’t compromise on either comfort or style.


What makes a sporty style classic?

Sports classic isn’t solely about comfort and functionality. Sloppy sweatpants, baggy hoodies, and worn-out t-shirts may be okay for a lazy day at home, but they don’t come close to the sporty classic style you’re after. Instead, sports classic incorporates traditionally sporty garments and themes with classic pieces. When you’re wearing sports classic, you may not look like you’re headed straight to the gym but you’ll certainly look as if a workout is a frequent feature of your schedule.

A fitted hoodie is a great example of a sports classic style. Whilst it incorporates the sporty, comfortable vibe of workout gear, the fitted style will streamline your outfit and create a chic silhouette. Dark wash jeans are another staple of a classic, sporty wardrobe. Although you wouldn’t work out in them, they complement a variety of other sports-inspired pieces and can be teamed well to achieve a casual look. Choose jeans which are built from shape-saving material, such as a 2% elastane construction, and you’ll get a great trouser which is figure-hugging yet keeps its shape wash after wash.

When it comes to outerwear, sports classic styles really come into their own. In fact, there aren’t many styles which offer quite so many options. From streamlined hoodies, utility jackets, puffer jackets, bomber jackets, and even denim jackets, you can throw a coat over a shirt, sweater or vest to complete your sporty look.  To keep on the sophisticated side of sporty, opt for thin outerwear when you can. Clever composition means sporty outerwear is great a combining high-tech materials with fashionable styles. Even thin, light sporty jackets can give a high level of warmth, so you don’t need to opt for large puffer styles which will swamp you.

If you opt for jackets which are too thick, you risk looking frumpy and the rest of your outfit could easily be overshadowed. Instead, choose tailored puffers, streamlined utility jackets, and cute bomber jackets to enhance what’s already there.



Finding the perfect sneakers

If you’re rocking the sports classic look, getting the right pair of sneakers is an absolute must. With So much on offer, you can opt for sneakers which give a more formal look, such as the Nike Air Force 1, a classic style like the Nike Air Max or a contemporary running show, like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus. By adding sneakers to your outfit, you can really achieve the ultimate sporty classic style, but make sure you keep your daywear sneakers separate from your workout trainers. If you regularly head out running or go to the gym, your trainers may look a little worn or weather-beaten, and this could turn a sporty classic outfit into a slightly scruffy attempt. Keep your sporty classic trainers separate from your workout shoes and you’ll always have the right footwear to complement any outfit.


Creating a versatile sporty wardrobe

When you’re putting together sporty classic styles, you don’t have to get stuck in a rut. Whilst dark-rinse denim jeans are great pants to team with other sports classic pieces, you can change it up with cargo pants, tailored joggers, chinos and leggings.  A great tip for wearing sports classic style is to make sure at least one garment is streamlined. If you’re wearing a baggier top, for example, don’t go for oversized pants as well. You can get away with wide-leg pants but keep your top half streamlined so that the overall look isn’t frumpy or shapeless.  When it comes to shirts, almost any type of top can be adapted to suit a sporty classic style. A regular t-shirt, button-down shirt or sweater is ideal but the details do matter. A thin stripe down the arm can give a sporty feel to an otherwise unremarkable shirt, for example. Similarly, a discreet logo, mesh insert panel or thumb holes in the sleeves gives a sporty feel to any shirt, sweater or t-shirt.


Get the fabric right

Sporty classic is all about comfort, so choose a fabric that works for you. If you’re wearing a button down shirt, you may want to go for classic cotton, whilst a flannel shirt or thin sweater may be better for colder weather.  As sports-inspired clothes are often constructed from technical material, you have the option to go for ultimate comfort when you opt for a sporty classic style. Your clothes should have some stretch to them and it should feel easy to move around in them.  Another advantage of the fabric options available is the opportunity to layer your clothes. When you layer items, you can truly combine sports and classic styles. This ensures you don’t veer too far towards sportswear or classic daywear but makes it easy to combine the two into one chic outfit instead.



Accessorizing your sporty classic style

If you’re opting for a sporty classic outfit, you have plenty of choices when it comes to accessories. You can keep it classic, with subtle pieces, such as delicate chains, small stud earrings or hoops. Alternatively, incorporate sports fashion into your look and add a chunky watch, fitness monitor or backpack. Whatever combination you choose, sporty classic style is perfect for almost any occasion. Perfect in the warmer summer months and ideal for colder climates, you can use sporty classic styles to create sophisticated and chic styles, without giving up comfort and functionality.