The Best Way To Accessorize A Summer Dress

Now that winter is over and the warm weather is on its way, it’s time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. Dressing for summer is about style, but it’s also about comfort. When the sun is shining, you need to make sure that your outfits are light and airy and you don’t get too hot when you’re out and about during the day, that’s why summer dresses are so great. They’re the go-to outfit for a lot of people during the summer because they’re light and comfortable and they come in a wide range of styles and patterns. But wearing the same collection of dresses all summer can get a bit boring so you need to do something to boost those outfits and make them a bit more interesting, which is why accessorizing is so important when you’re wearing a summer dress. If you’re starting to shop for your summer wardrobe, you should check out these tips on accessorizing a summer dress.

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You’ve got a few options when it comes to picking shoes to wear with a summer dress. The most obvious one is a pair of sandals because they’re lightweight and comfortable in the hot weather. A light brown or tan pair of sandals pairs well with most summer dresses because they tend to be bright, bold colors or plain white. Black sandals don’t really work because the dark color doesn’t match well with the light dress.

Sandals aren’t your only option for footwear with a summer dress though, a lot of people like to pair them with sneakers instead. It’s a great look that’s a little more casual and it’s also more practical and comfortable if you’re going to be out of the house enjoying the sun all day long. Wearing sneakers with a dress can be risky so it’s important that you choose the right pair. If you’re already wearing a fairly loud summer dress with a heavy pattern, you need to find sneakers that are fairly plain. A good pair of white Lacoste shoes or something similar works great. If you’re wearing a white summer dress, you’ve got a bit more freedom with the sneakers and you can go for something that has more of a pattern and a mismatch of color. The best way to find sneakers that pair well with a summer dress is to just experiment with a few different styles and find one that suits you.





If you’re wearing a formal dress, you need some understated jewelry like a dainty pearl necklace to pair with it. But with a summer dress, you can go for something bolder that really makes a statement. Chunky necklaces work really well with a summer dress, especially ones with large jewels in them. You can also layer up a lot of different necklaces for the same effect. Anything that is too small and understated will get lost in the patterns of the summer dress. Just remember that you need to pick something that matches the colors on your dress so you can really tie the outfit together.

The same rules apply to rings and bracelets as well, bigger is better. Chunky rings and bracelets with a lot of colors work perfectly with a summer dress, however, it is easy to go overboard. In general, it’s best to choose either a big necklace or bracelets and rings. If you wear both, you’re at risk of overcrowding the outfit and making it look messy.



When the sun is shining, sunglasses are essential, but they’re not just a practical item and you need to consider style when you’re buying them. Most people don’t put that much thought into their sunglasses but it’s important that you get ones that fit your face shape. There are a lot of different face shapes and certain styles of sunglasses fit different face shapes best, so measure your face and use this guide to work out what your face shape is. If you’ve got a round face, it’s best to avoid anything with too many curves on and go for a more angular pair of glasses. This will elongate the face and make it look thinner. If you’ve got a square face, however, you need to go the opposite way and get sunglasses with more rounded edges on, otherwise, your face will look too angular.

When it comes to styles, you should go for something with fairly thin frames for summer wear, and pick lighter colors rather than a simple black. Reflective lenses are great in the summer as well because they brighten up the outfit a lot.

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A good hat is the ideal summer accessory because it looks great and it helps to keep the sun off you at the same time. Summer fashion is all about being bold so you can get away with larger hats. Things like straw hats and big fedoras are ideal for wearing with a summer dress, but it’s important that you choose colors that accent your skin tone. If you have fairly pale skin and you wear a black hat, it’s just going to make your skin look even lighter. In general, tan and light brown hats tend to accent most people’s skin tone so this is a good way to go.



When you’re putting together a summer outfit, you need to inject as much color as possible, that’s what summer is all about. Most of that color comes from your summer dress but you can also accent it with things like your nails. Winter fashion tends to use a lot of darker colors and so brightly colored nails don’t always go very well, but in the summer, you can experiment a bit more. It’s worth finding a good nail artist and have them do something a little different with your nails. It’s a great way to top off your summer look.


The key to a good summer outfit is knowing how to accessorize properly so make sure that you’re following these simple tips.