Ditch The Big Stores – Shop Indie – Here Is Why

Do you ever just get sick of the giants? The big chain stores, everyone is wearing the same items of clothing and accessories all the time, It’s getting boring. For sure, there are some fantastic trends (any month of the year). Right now, there is a real retro vide coursing through the veins of the clothing market. And it’s glorious to see people wearing David Bowie shirts but swap that for items from YDWTL – and you’ve got the individuality DB would be proud of.


But there are so many smaller companies out there making garments that you won’t see in the high street. They are usually higher quality and really made with the customer in mind. A shift in the beauty and skin care industry has also been happening. People are actively seeking out better places to put their money. It makes sense that the cash is better spent on more exciting clothing and putting the cash into the pockets of really cool new designers.


Here are a few reasons that you should be looking to shop indie.



When you shop at a store, pretty much pick any big store you like. That purchase doesn’t really matter to them. If you don’t buy something, someone else will. They are (most of the time) looking at their bottom line first, and the at broader issues second. If you buy a jumper from an indie store or a solo person. There is a lot of love, sweat and tears gone into making that garment the best they could. They can about the product and have a hand in the start to finish product line. The marketing is them, the design, the post, and packaging most of the time. You aren’t paying into a big pot of cash – the jumper you buy is probably going towards paying a real life bill – like their groceries or the electric. People often complain about the price when they buy from an independent retailer – but the fact is, they are producing smaller runs, high quality, and that comes at a cost. Their profit per item isn’t going to be as big as you think either.



When you are shopping online, and you find some indie boutiques, fall in love with a few pieces, and buy something. You are giving them financial room and reason to keep designing and working on their product. Their innovation now, and in the future, is only made possible when people make a purchase. Of course, even if you don’t, it is probably in their very nature to create and be creative – but imagine helping someone have the freedom to live their dream life. That is a pretty big reason to shop indie.


More Interesting

Big retailers all produce the same trends with perhaps a new pattern or color. But that is about it, if you head to an indie retailer – things can get weird. In a good way. They don’t always follow the trends, they work on the stuff that they love and that they think you will love it too. They buck the trends, and usually, that is where the magic happens. Independent designers and shops create things that you just won’t find on the high street because they are free to do so.