Avoid Wedding Woes – Shaping Up For Your Big Day

The venue is sorted, the caterers are on standby and the flowers are ordered. As your big day approaches and the excitement builds, it’s time to start to prepare and work on yourself so that you look and feel perfect for this special occasion. Those photographs will only be taken once and with the joy of social media, shared with everyone from your boss to your neighbors. It’s time for a plan, it’s time to start that dreaded combination of diet and exercise!


Go to Shape Up

So every day now become that famous Monday ‘start your diet day’ as you fear the big squeeze will haunt you on your wedding morning. The dress was perfectly sized but your happiness and excitement have led to one too many bottomless prosecco brunches with your bridesmaids, your mother – basically, anyone that wants to talk operation wedding; and unfortunately with that indulgence and happiness has led to your jeans feeling overly tight. There is nothing to fear however as the internet is littered with diets to fit every lifestyle; one that has gained increased notoriety is referred to as a Bridal Bootcamp. This idea has even been turned into a film, maybe something to watch with your partner, who doesn’t love a good rom-com after all?


Plan For Success

If you’ve never done a boot camp before the premise is simple, you leave the session sweating from every pore and aching from every limb. It’s a workout and a half, but although you’ll be tired the anti-stress effects, the mental health benefits and most importantly for your wedding day, decreased waistline means it’s something that should definitely be explored. The biggest step is actually going to a class, once you are there you will love the satisfaction it gives you and you do have the biggest goal of all, looking fantastic for your big day. Create a rota that you can stick to, taking into account the amount of time until your wedding. If you need to plan other aspects of your wedding, use your best resource (and no matter how much your mother in law wants to interfere) trust your instincts first. Look at the latest wedding trends for that inspiration of what’s hot in 2019 and gather intelligence from your closest friends or colleagues (or maybe even the groom). You know this will be a day to remember so always good to know what is in fashion and what is not
As the day nears and your jeans fit you comfortably again, the scales don’t frighten you and you’ve even received a compliment or two about what good shape you’re in, it may be time to look at a checklist to make sure you have everything ready and prepared. From the venue details to the flowers and photographs, the weather forecast and even where you want everyone to sit during the meal, it’s good to be on top of the details to make sure this really is your dream wedding day.