Up-And-Coming Artist: Alex Gonzalez

Credit: IAmMeganAmbers

I have a lot of plans but first on my list is to get this ep done and out,” says a young and eager Alex, speaking of his plans for his career.

Once that’s completed, I plan to go out and start [performing at] more shows, networking more, shooting videos and then help another artist I am working with, Nick Reed, on his EP, producing it and getting that also released.” 

Credit: Alex Gonzales

Born and raised in Antelope Valley, California, Alexander Ascención Gonzalez credits popular rappers such as Smino, Kendrick Lamar, Isaiah Rashad as his musical influences of today. When asked who he dreams of working with one day, only one artist came to mind.

My dream collaboration would honestly have to be with Isaiah Rashad,” he answers with hope and optimism.  “I know Kendrick [Lamar] is my favorite artist but Isaiah is right there with him and I would and still always listen to Isaiah whenever I need to get by. His music inspired me and helped me through all the things I was going through in my life.”

The 22-year-old artist reminiscences of one of his most difficult moments, the divorce of his parents. The first song I ever wrote was about my mom, our relationship and going through the divorce process with my parents,” But it was at that moment he discovered not only his life purpose but his gift.

“I knew music is what I wanted to do when I made that song. I could always write and freestyle over beats but when I actually mixed my vocals and set in with a beat  that I liked and it sounded decent, that’s when I knew I wanted to fully pursue it because I knew at that point I had something to work with.” However, perfecting his craft takes on many forms. “Sometimes I make the beat and write to it in the studio as soon as I make it or I would smoke, play the beat through my speakers and write it in my car.

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Credit: Alex Gonzales

Like most 20-something-year-olds, Alex considers himself “goofy” and adamantly admits to owning a “huge action figure collection“. “I’m into anime, my favorite is Akira and I own a bunch of Nike Cortez’s.

The self-proclaimed sneakerhead also reveals that his favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers and his favorite player ever will always be Kobe.

I’m really into boxing, I’m into fashion, I love thrifting, I love my people and my city and anybody who supports me. I’ll do whatever it takes to feed my family.

But with the love of basketball and anime, there is love, itself, and with his latest single, “Bottom of your heart“, Alex can relate to the failing of a relationship and past emotions. “I produced it and was inspired by the last relationship I just got out of. Mixed in with a few other things and past emotions, but mainly the song is an honest spin on the phrase “from the bottom of my heart”.

Appreciating the current r&b scene and adapting it into his own music, Alex notices the difference between the artists of today and the artists that he grew up listening to. “It’s definitely gotta different swag than the r&b I grew up listening to,” he starts. “Growing up my favorite r&b artist was India Arie and I think in this generation when you think “r&b” you probably think Bryson Tiller or 6lack. Totally different but with the same elements so I think it’s really dope and cool to watch all these different styles.

“Just be yourself,” is the top advice Alex has for other young artists trying to make a name for themselves. “Do what you feel is creative and run with it. Don’t be sensitive to the critics, because as a creative you want everyone to like your shit but it’s just not gonna happen. You have to be open to constructive criticism but trust in your decision making at the same time. Believe in your craft and keep marching forward. Whether if that’s music, sports, art, gaming, whatever. Be yourself and believe.

Credit: Alex Gonzales