Adios Beaches: What To Do When You’ve Just Touched Down In Another Country

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio 

Traveling is exciting, and watching out of the window as the plane lowers down onto the runway as you come into land is a great moment in any journey!

You’ve made it; you’ve gotten yourself over miles and miles of ocean, land, and air, and now you’re about to explore what really could be a whole new world. New streets, new fields, new birds and bugs, and a lot of new selfie opportunities! 

Of course, touching down can feel far less glamorous in reality. And that’s often because of our less than stellar experiences with airports… They’re loud and busy places, and they can bring a real sweat to your forehead when you can’t distinguish the departure line from the arrivals.  

So, in the interest of making the way you travel a bit more comfortable, here’s just a couple of things you should do when you’ve just touched down in another country.

Connect to the WIFI

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Most airports have it nowadays, and a free WIFI source is something you should definitely take advantage of whilst you’ve got it! After all, in the rush we feel to get out of the airport and back into the fresh air of the foreign country before us, we can forget to take our phones out at all. 

But if you stop and use the WIFI, you can get in touch with the people back home, and check in to tell them you made it safely. You can use the Maps app to plan out a route of where you need to go next, and what would be the fastest way to do it. You can look up where the best tourist hotspots are, and plan out a little itinerary ahead of time – give yourself a schedule to work off of as soon as you touch down, and you’ll feel like you won’t miss anything when you leave the hotel the next morning. 

Get in a Taxi

Photo by Uriel Mont from Pexels

If the country you’re visiting has a good fleet of them outside the airport, of course. Taxis are a lot easier to deal with than a lot of people have been led to believe – they remove the need to wake yourself up to get behind the wheel of a rental vehicle, and they often get you to a destination a lot faster than you would yourself… Taxi drivers have amazing powers of direction, after all. 

So, if you have no plans for travel after you touch down at your destination, look for a taxi rank or idling taxi cab. If there are no rental options, and you don’t trust the bus, an option such as the South London Minicab (or any company in the city, state or country that you are visiting) is your next best bet. Have them take you where you’re staying, to make sure you can get your bearings, and make sure they won’t overcharge you on sightseeing either! 

Once you get off of the airplane, stop and breathe for a moment, and make sure you stretch your legs out! Then put tips like these to use.