Welcoming your partner after a long time away

In a relationship, there’s going to be times when you and your partner are away from each other. Most of the time it won’t take long; you’ll go out to work, or you’ll go out to see your friends, and so will they, but they’ll be home by the end of the day. It’s not really a big deal!

But then there are times when your partner has to go away for a week or two or even a month, and when the time for them to come home again rolls around, you’re desperate to give them a good welcome. You’ve missed them, and you want them to know about it! So, with those romantic interests in mind, here’s just a couple of the best ways you can make your partner feel close and comfortable when they’re back after a long time away. 


Create Some Fun!


If your partner has been away because of work, or they’ve had to go away with family, there’s a good chance they haven’t had a lot of fun since being gone. So when they come home again, why not lay out a spread of their favorite hobbies? Even just dotting bowls of snacks around is a great way to show them you were thinking of them. 

If they like to play games, get the console plugged in or a board game out. If they like to settle down with a movie, put fun and cheesy horror flick on. Make sure the activities are nothing too exhausting, and something they can just laugh at. And be sure to join in, to make sure you’re part of the much-needed fun too! 


Dress Up the Bedroom


The bedroom is the place we most associate with romance when we’re in a relationship. It’s where you lie down and fall asleep together at the end of the day, with plenty of pillow talk and sweet nothings to go with it! 

So when your partner calls to say they’re on their way home, now would be the perfect opportunity to dress the bedroom up a little bit. If it’s only been a couple of weeks to a month, you’re not going to be in need of sex therapy! You just need to add a few things to the bedroom, to make the atmosphere cozy and romantic, and to inspire some deep feelings of love and longing. 

Turn the bedroom into a place your partner is going to love and smile at when they first step in. Change the sheets, and think about your partner’s favorite color, and then bring out some red or white or blue or green covers to remake the bed with! Hang up some fairy lights around the canopy, if you know your partner has a taste for the magical, or simply cover the dresser in tea lights, to help the bedroom feel relaxed and enclosed. 


We all want to do things for the people we love, so when they’ve been away, make coming home special!