Traveling in style: items you need to pack for a luxury trip

Credit: nappy from Pexels

Whether you’re backpacking and staying in hostels or planning on visiting some of the prettiest places in the world and staying in expensive hotels, what you pack can make a huge difference to your trip.

Here, we’re going to list a few essential items to pack that will help you to enjoy a luxury travel experience, wherever you might go. 

A Tiny Travel Vacuum

A tiny travel vacuum is one of the ultimate travel gadgets. The VAGO model is small, stylish, and very smart. It’s equipped with a pressure detecting sensor, removing all of the air inside of your suitcase, condensing your clothes to half their size. You’ll then have so much more room for souvenirs and anything else you want to bring home. It’s also perfect for places where you might need to take heavy winter gear. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

You just never know when things might get too noisy to handle. In these situations, you need noise-canceling headphones. You’ll love how much more enjoyable your travels become when you invest in a pair of these – Bose is a popular brand that has great reviews. Travelling can be loud, but at least headphones like this give you some control while you travel. You’ll be able to get some sleep or simply enjoy a podcast/playlist/audiobook without listening to loud adults or crying kids. 

A Fouta Towel 

Fouta towels are high-quality cotton and very absorbent, making them the perfect partner to picnics or even the beach. Throwing one of these in your bag can mean always having something with you for an impromptu picnic! 

Crocs Sandals

Photo by Gabriel Hohol from Pexels

Crocs don’t have the most stylish of reputations, but you don’t just have to stick to the traditional style. The sandals look far more flattering, and they are just as comfy as the traditional shoe. This means you can make your way around without your feet hurting, and have a much better time! 

A Good Camera 

Your phone might do the trick, but there’s nothing quite like a camera such as the Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II to snap some professional-looking pics of your trip. The camera is very slim, and there are many options for sharing your images in a flash. The photos and videos are high quality, the design is gorgeous, and the camera is so small and slim that it fits easily into your pocket. You can easily upload the images online and even remotely control the camera from your smartphone! 

An iPad or Tablet

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Your iPad or tablet can do a lot of things for you as you travel. It can be your itinerary, photo storage, book, and even Netflix. They are the perfect companion for a long haul flight. You can also use it to make notes on your trips, which could help you if you’re planning on making a video or writing a blog post – or even if you just want to remember something for a journal entry.