Why A Weekend In Bath Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

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Are you feeling burned out? Are you looking for some rest and relaxation?

If so, why not beat your stress by taking a weekend getaway!

And not just any getaway, as we are suggesting a weekend in Bath. And yes, that is the English city we are talking about and not an actual weekend soaking in your bathtub at home! Although if you did fancy a nice, long soak, this city is actually the best place to be.

You see, Bath is famous for its water. The city was founded in Roman times, and they built bathhouses around the area’s hot springs. These natural mineral waters were used for rest and relaxation purposes, and according to legend, they were also used to bring healing to those suffering from a wide range of illnesses. 

As we suggested in our title then, a weekend in Bath is just what the doctor ordered!

So, you might visit Bath for a spa break, giving you the opportunity to test out the city’s water for yourself. A stay at The Royal, one of the best Bath city centre hotels, will give you the opportunity to bathe in facilities that are purposefully designed to help you relax in the natural thermal water that the city is famous for. You might also take a trip to the city’s Roman Baths, which not only gives you access to a fabulous Spa experience but which also affords you the opportunity to educate yourself on the history behind the place that you are luxuriating in.


You should also walk around Bath’s famous parks and gardens. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and is another way to relax in this splendid city. So, you might take in the botanical gardens of The Royal Victoria Park, or you could take in the woodland views of Alexandra Park which stands above the city. Then there are the 18th-century landscaped gardens of Priors Park, which look like something fresh out of a Jane Austen novel. Visit one or visit them all, and bring a blanket and a picnic so you can take time to relax amidst some incredible scenes of natural beauty. 


And there are other ways to relax in the city. For example, you might take a boat trip along the Kennet and Avon canal. You can hire your own boat and steer it yourself, or for the ultimate in luxury, you could take a guided canal cruise with Lady Lena, where you will be offered champagne and a cream tea as part of your journey. You should visit Bath City Farm too, where you can enjoy the petting therapy that other animals can afford you, or take a hot air balloon ride over the city for some magnificent views that will take your breath away. 

The city of Bath then; just what the doctor ordered. With plenty of opportunities to relax and lots of other things to do if you want to do more than soak in a hot spring and cruise a canal, we think this should be your destination of choice if you’re in need of a little rest and relaxation, at any time of the year!


Take care, and thanks for reading!