Jesus is King: The Second Coming of Kanye West

Jesus is King.

Last Night, I saw my brother in Christ, my father Kanye West for the first time in the history of being a Kanye West stan and it couldn’t have been better timing. In the peak of finding Jesus and becoming “fully invested” in living the life that his father has set out for him, Kanye left no stones unturned. What I saw last night was a man who wants to show the world that loving Jesus is not anything to be shy or ashamed of, by applying it to his music. We heard him. Clearly. We heard the man who is turning a new leaf in life and with his music, with his wife Kim Kardashian West standing proudly next to him, as his two oldest children North and Saint West danced under the symphony of their father’s praises.

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Now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way, let me tell you just exciting tonight really was. It was amazing. To watch a flood of Kanye lovers; vintage pink polo loving stans and the “Bipolar is my superpower” baby stans worked their way through lines of impatient fans, metal detectors, and many, many stairs, reminded me that as much as Kanye is “canceled”, people will still always support him and his endeavors. I’ve been a fan of Kanye since I was 16 years old. I was always drawn to him, his mental, how he expressed himself and how he was going to always flex his shit because he could. And seriously, who was going to check him, boo?

As I watched the clips of his documentaries that are set to be released to the public soon, it came back to me exactly why it is that I love this man so much. To watch as he constructed a dome-like housing community, “an incredible architectural concept” in the hills of Calabasas. The “Yeezy Home“, so affectionately dubbed, was created to serve as low-income housing units to help bridge the gap between social and income classes. The second documentary, “Jesus is King”, due in Imax theaters on Oct. 25, shows his Sunday service choir called “The Samples,” led by Jason White, in a dome-like setting through the same telescopic view as his Coachella performance in April.


Afterward, Kanye gave us the opportunity to hear the album that everyone is sitting on pins and needles to hear. The “Jesus is King” album sounds just like I thought it would, a gospel album with A1 Kanye productions. Fuckin’ A. I can honestly say, “Closed on Sunday,” is going to be my favorite track on the album, particularly because it is one of the most memorable and exhibits the sense of humor Kanye is known for having. Telling someone that they are your “Chick-fil-A,” is going to be a term of endearment, no thanks to Ye. with other tracks including, “On God”, “Water”, and a saxophone section on the final song, “Use This Gospel,” featuring The Clipse (Pusha T and No Malice), Ty Dolla Sign, and Kenny G, who Ye interrupts by adding, “That’s Kenny G, by the way.” The 10-track album with two pushed back dates, September 27 and now the 29th, is still the most highly anticipated album of the year. With no date in the near future, Kanye accomplished what I believe he wanted to achieve, to bring his fans in one place with the gospel of God. “I came to know the truth and the joy of Jesus Christ. This album has been made to be an expression of the gospel and to share the gospel and the truth of what Jesus has done to me. When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all that he does for me, my soul cries out.


What most people may have recognized once (and still) as arrogance or even conceitedness, I saw as bravery and courageous. I mean let’s be honest with ourselves here, people hate what they don’t understand and it’s really sad that this way of thinking has become normal. Kanye was always taught to think highly of himself and to see himself as god-like, because as the quote… Matthew 5:48 says, “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” However, it made me a little sad to say that I did not see that Kanye tonight. The Kanye that my 16-year-old self would have died to see. No, I didn’t see that man at all. I saw a father. I saw a husband. I saw a god-fearing man, who has been battered and beat up by society and the media. A man who has been marginalized to no understanding and yet continues to push past the image that the media has created of him and put other people ahead of him. After it all. I watched a man built homes in the most unconventional yet most selfless way. Will he get credit for it? probably not. Will be ridiculed and made fun of for it? Probably so. But he never did operate for the acceptance of others and perhaps that is the reason why he is so feared. Maybe it is easier to call him “Crazy Kanye”, instead of inspirational or motivational, because if people actually tried to follow his way of thinking and agreed on what he conveys in life,  there wouldn’t be a real reason to dislike him. 

“No one man should have all that power.”