Up-and-Coming Artists: Cinzia Moniaci Quevedo

Credit: Cinzia Moniaci

Credit: Youtube

I recently sat down with Cinzi Moniaci Quevedo, a Singer/Songwriter and fashion designer from Torino, Italy. Preparing to release a new EP at the beginning of next year, Quevedo talks about growing up listening to Pink Floyd, The Doors and more, her dream to collab with Ryan Tedder, and her new EP, “Moon Wild”. Check out her video, “I wanted you” at the top.

Megan Ambers: Being a musician from such a beautiful place like Torino, Italy, who did you listen to growing up? And who inspires your music?

Cinzi Moniaci Quevedo: The Pretenders, Hart, Fleetwood Mac, Belinda Carlisle, Blondie, Jefferson Airplane. Pink Floyd, The Doors, Alanis Morrissette, Green Day, Garbage, and The Breeders.

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Credit: Cinzi Moniaci

MA: How has listening to these artists played a role in your writing process?

CMQ: Melodies come to me as I start playing my guitar and work on a chord progression, then the idea for the lyrics follows with inspirations from current events or personal experiences. I love telling stories and I have been a writer as long as I can remember, this is just another way to channel those stories.

MA: Tell me a little about your latest release? Who produced it? What inspired it? 

CMQ: It’s my first solo EP, it’s called Moon Wild and it is produced with Warren Huart who worked with The Fray. I wanted songs with a deep message and strong melodies. I wanted to incorporate string arrangements that sound modern and at the same time faithful to my love of retro post-rock. I am getting ready to release a new EP at the beginning of the year and it will have some of those elements I love in a pop-rock song, idea, attitude and good hooks.

MA: What was the first song that you wrote and what was it about? 

CMQ: It was called No Surrender and it talked about not giving up on your beliefs

MA: “Never giving up on your beliefs” is an important factor in having a successful career. If you could collaborate with any musician or producer, who would it be and why? 

CMQ: Right now definitely Ryan Tedder and I would love a remix by The Chainsmokers, I know Jon Bon Jovi is doing some very inspiring things right now and is a fellow Italian I grew up listening to so I would love to collab.

MA: How important is creating a connection in the entertainment industry?

CMQ: Connections can really propel your career if they are the right ones and if they happen organically. Someone who genuinely likes your music and style will make sure to enhance your uniqueness and not try to change you in order to mold you into something that already exists.

MA: A lot of musicians and music lovers have an opinion on the state of the music scene of today. What are your feelings about the music industry of today? 

CMQ: We had a bit of an uninspiring time going on for quite some time now, driven by the fact that a lot of artists stopped trying to write songs and relied on heavy productions and large teams of writers to come up with ideas that feel safe and that the public will buy into. I feel we are slowly coming out of it and that we will move towards real songs again. People crave organic inspiration and songwriting, more bands are trying to imitate the legends of the rock and pop scene. You hear of bands like Great Von Fleet who sounds just like a new Led Zeppelin and you know that’s where we are heading.

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Credit: Cinzi Moniaci

MA: You mention “organic inspiration and songwriting” being two components of what music lovers crave with the music that they listen to. What other advice do you have for creators coming into the game?

CMQ: Be true and loyal to yourself and your unique traits, not to only current trends, don’t try to sound like someone else or overproduce your music. Make sure we can truly hear You through the noise. Please use good grammar and not just slang and censored words, it doesn’t make you any cooler.

MA: What do you want the readers to know about you, as a woman, a musician, and a music lover?

CMQ:  I had a few songs on tv shows and was asked to be on a couple of shows like The Voice and America Got Talent but I decided not to go that route. I am not committed to fame but to my art.