Up-and-Coming Artists: Sheridan Reed

Credit: Sheridan Reed

I recently sat down with Sheridan Reed, a 26-year-old singer/songwriter from San Francisco, currently in Austin, TX. Reed talks about his latest projects, his love for Anderson Paak, and touring nationally next year.

MA: Growing up in San Francisco, you must have had an interesting take in music interests, correct?

SR: This definitely changes a lot over the years. At first, it was folk inspiration like Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver, and over the last several years it’s definitely transformed from Motown to more modern sounds like Anderson Paak and Lianne La Havas.

Credit: Sheridan Reed

MA: And how has that play into your writing process today?

SR: I typically always come up with a chord progression first and then build the song around that. Come up with the main melody, and then start toying with concepts and lyrics to flesh out the rest of it.

MA: Tell me about your latest projects…

SR: My last and newest releases are being produced by Moses Elias and Robert Sewell. We worked on them for about a year, with the goal of really evolving my style and sound, trying to grow as an artist and as a storyteller. 

MA: And will these singles carry out into the new year?

SR: I’ve got about six singles we’ll be releasing, as well as visuals for two of them, and then starting to tour nationally as of February 2020!

Credit: Sheridan Reed

MA: You’ve mentioned before how your taste in music has progressed from Bon Iver to Anderson Paak. How has that changed your views on the music industry today, if any? 

SR: The music scene today is a little strange since social media and streaming has become a major component of it. It’s strange but also exciting in a wild-west kind of way. A lot of the old rules don’t really apply anymore. I would die to be able to work with Anderson Paak or Dre!

MA: Would you say one of the old rules that still apply today is connection and networking?

SR: Friends and connections are incredibly important. You never know who somebody knows, and how much they may believe in you. 

MA: And what advice would you give to other artists reading this interview?

SR: I would tell them to not give up, and surround themselves with more intelligent and talented people than themselves!

MA: What do you want the readers to know about you?

SR: How thankful I am to be where I’m at, but also that tons of work over several years went into it, without a lot of results for quite a while. It’s a process and takes time, and I’ve got a long way to go.