Three Ways to Waste Time At Work That Aren’t a Waste Of Time

Occasional boredom at work is a fact of life for many of us. Sometimes the best way to revitalize your energy levels and get a little extra motivation is to stop pretending to work for a couple of minutes and indulge in little time-wasting.


If your usual time-wasting activities don’t do it for you anymore, and you can’t bring yourself to watch one more 90’s music video, how about one of these perfect time-wasting activities to get you back on track?

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Look Ahead to New Opportunities:

 It’s worth noting upfront that if your boredom at work is more chronic than occasional, it’s probably time to find another job you’ll find more stimulating. In the meantime, you still have to get through this boring workday, so why not start preparing for your job search while you’re wasting time in this one?


Rather than quitting your job right away, start checking out job options by searching for opportunities online or reaching out to contacts who could help you with your search. You could also start polishing up your CV and looking into training opportunities, like courses you might like to take. For example, if you suspect you might head in the real-estate direction, career-wise, you might start reading up about getting your certificate of registration.




Wasting time at work can be defined as doing something that isn’t productive in a way that is related to work. The definition does not stipulate that your chosen time-wasting activity should be unproductive in any way at all. If you have a couple of spare minutes every day, now could be a perfect time to learn a new skill.


If your work bores you out of your skull on a regular basis, and you think you might leave for something better (or go rouge one day and be a freelancer) then using this time to learn a new skill is a fantastic way to prepare. There’s nothing like a shiny new skill for your resume to boost your success rate. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to code, or blogging is a skill you’d love to acquire. Check out the dazzling array of online courses—many of them for free—and watch your boredom evaporate!

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Get A Hobby Online:

 As well as offering loads of opportunities to acquire new knowledge, the web is a hub for various types of hobbyists. To work out what would be your perfect online hobby, consider the things you love to do in ‘real-life’. Love board games? Try playing, or even watching, online chess tournaments. If you love to read, ebooks could be your new best friends. Unless your boss scrutinizes your computer screen, you could even seem studious, reading dense blocks of text!


Being bored at work is a lousy feeling, but it can be hard to get motivated once it happens. Rather than give in to lethargy and just watch the clock until home time (hint: it will be slower than ever!) try getting yourself going with some of these great time-wasting activities. You’ll either get back to work feeling a little revived, or you’ll soon be heading off to your next interview for the job of your dreams!