5 Reasons It’s Good to Be Dumped!

When you ask anyone, they will tell you that the time in their life that they felt embarrassed or mortified or just plain hurt centers around being dumped. Ditched. Let go. Let down. Hurt. 
Being dumped? Not the most dignified or happy time in life, and yet sometimes it’s EXACTLY what you didn’t know you needed. Being dumped by someone you love is hard and it leads to the five stages of grief. Let’s be fair; losing someone you love is a process whether they are dying or they’re slipping off with their side piece. You need to realize, though, that being dumped by them could be the absolute making of you. There are plenty of ways to get through it, of course, from a night in with Ben and Jerry (the ultimate threesome, if we do say so) to a dramatic change in your hairstyle. It’s also going to help you if you understand five clear reasons that being dumped was a good thing. At least then, you could enjoy your Blondie Brownie in peace and not cry salty tears into the caramel. Shall we take a look?


  1. Those rose-tinted glasses of yours are being torn off your face the moment your partner ditches you. Any of that pent up angst and worry you were holding close to your chest? You get to let it go. It’s like a huge sigh of relief because you’re being set free at last. Some people don’t see this bit right away – that’s the grief and rejection and hurt feelings clouding it. But, this is going to be good for you – you’ll see.
  2. You get the chance to get back out there and find someone worthy of your love and your heart. This time, go online for Muslim dating at a slower pace and gently dip a toe back into the water. This way, you get to be in control of where you trust your heart to be. You can also suss people out from behind a screen and end up much happier than before!
  3. One of the most freeing things about being dumped is the fact that you don’t have to put up with their annoying rubbish behavior like you did before. Does he gaslight? Manipulate? Make you feel guilty? Well, he’s decided to dump you – and excellent news that is! No more irritating habits to pretend to like. You’re free!
  4. You get to find who you are again. When you love someone, you chip pieces of yourself away, rubbing the sore edges so that you fit together. Like a forced puzzle piece when they’re not the right person. Well, when you are single again, you get to remember who you were before any of that. You get to build back up again and be you – you someone will love without expecting you to chip away at yourself.
  5. You have a say once more. You make allowances in a relationship, but this can lead to giving up the things you loved once. Now is your time to do it all again – better.