Meet Hollywood’s latest Southern Sweetheart, Jaies Baptiste

credit: Jaies Baptiste

I hope to inspire young women and girls to follow their dreams and not feel that they need to compromise themselves to get there.  That all things are possible if you just believe in yourself and never lose sight of your dreams.

Jaies Baptiste

Known as “Hollywood’s Southern Sweetheart“, Jaies Baptiste has a name that will be remembered forever. Following her love for music, by learning how to play the violin at the tender age of 8, Baptiste’s mother saw the potential in her daughter.

By exposing her daughter to different competitions such as the NAACP ACT-SOUIL competitions, all-city orchestra tryouts, etc., Baptiste had the opportunity to perform for Grammy award winner Brian VibertCapitol Records’ Christian Music Group’s Co-President Brad O’Donnell, Tobin Hyman, Talent Producer for the show The Voice and more.

Declaring music as her “first love“, Baptiste doesn’t see acting as a job or even a hobby, but who she is. More than just a pretty face, Baptiste humbly admits that bombing her first official movie role, she enrolled in the Film Acting Academy to learn the ropes of the fine art known as acting. “I meet so many talented people who haven’t been given the opportunity to be heard or seen and it’s truly an injustice for some of these people,” Baptiste shares in an interview with Fedora Nations.

I think it’s a timing thing, meaning, as long as you don’t give up on yourself, eventually, that opportunity will find you.

Baptiste has done everything but given up on herself. After receiving her very first Grammy Award ballot nomination for her single “Heartless” in 2018, she gained more attention and notoriety with her latest single “Keep Smiling“, both produced and directed by music sensation JL Lopez was awarded Youtube’s Top Inspirational Video. “Keep Smiling” has been played/requested over 1 million times on iHeart Radio Stations. 

The music video continues to touch the hearts of everyone around the world gaining over 255k views and counting. While achievements like no other with her music, Baptiste is also joining the cast of two major television shows, joining the DC Comics family in 2020. “It’s a passion of mine, so as long as I’m able to just pour myself into a character and step outside of myself for those fleeting moments, I’m happy.

Aside from being a songstress with the gift of acting, Baptiste is also a model. Participating in an international Guess campaign and becoming the first African American female to have her own signature campaign, Baptiste is scheduled to walk and perform live on stage at the London Fashion Week in 2020.

Represented by JL Lopez (Jonathan Lopez), one of People Magazine en Espanol’s 2020 Top 10 Latino Managers in Entertainment, Lopez describes Baptiste as “one of the best I have ever seen.

She’s beautiful, talented and touches the hearts of everyone she meets. She has even changed my life as a person. It’s an honor to be representing her.

Jonathan Lopez to Entertainment Weekly