A Snapshot Of The Best Dream Vacation Destinations

Why do we go abroad? To see different countries and what they look like? To experience different cultures and how the people within them live? To make sure we can sate our wanderlust, and cross some names off of our bucket lists? No matter what it is that compels you to book a vacation, we all know that some places to visit can be better than others! 

So, to provide you with a quick snapshot of the best dream vacations out there, we’ve compiled a shortlist below. Have a look through them, and see if any inspire you to book a vacation soon. Go on, you deserve it!


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Marbella, Spain


It’s warm and sunny, with a long coastline of soft sand and plenty to do in the water, and you will never be too far from a raging beach party that all comers are welcome to. If you’re someone who enjoys the nightlife and staying up to soak in everything that goes on around you, Marbella is waiting for you! 


And if you do plan to visit, how about grabbing a luxury apartment in Marbella? They’re available right by the beach, and there’s plenty to go round! If you want to be near the action, and you want to be immersed in the luxury culture of the place, dig into your savings just a little bit more. 


Lisbon, Portugal


This would be a wonderful city break to check out! If you’re a fan of food and dining out as often as possible, this is definitely the place for you. Restaurants and bistros are around every corner, and they’re all special in their own little ways – quite a few of them are even Michelin star rated. 


Lisbon is also a pretty old city, so it has a long history with pleasing the errant traveler. If you’re a big fan of dipping into history and being surrounded by rich and deep culture, this is definitely the place for you to traipse through. Get your camera out, get an audio guide for the heritage sites, and enjoy yourself. 


Shanghai, China


It’s a little further afield than the other options on this list, but it’s definitely a worthy trip to put on your bucket list. It’s the largest city in China and has a lot of contemporary cultures to show off to you – modern offices, a downtown commercial center with plenty of shops, but a wonderful historic side as well. 


A melting pot of culture can be found here, from the East and the West, and if you’re someone who likes to stretch their legs, a long and slow walk around the city might just be the best way to soak all of this in! You can even book yourself into a walking tour because there’s quite a few to go around. 


If you enjoyed this snapshot of dream vacations, don’t let your research stop here! Save up for something worthy, and let yourself book the trip of a lifetime.